Sunday, July 4, 2010

Mystery and Magic

i love mysterious
and magical
just when i thought
i'd never run into
them again.

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Guru Kurt said...

For me the most magical thing would be to see the virtue of true affection sprouting in more than one heart. The moment this occurs, family dissolves and community is born.

It is because people do not truly like one another, that they isolate themselves with kith and kin, which is also a form of weakness or inability to form profound mental models for the personalities of other people.

If there are noble people, and you do not like them, the fault is in you, not in them. If there are no noble people, and such has been human history ere now, you plow a lonely furrow if you are yourself noble. But when one noble person begins to feel affection for another noble person, which is to say because of their personality characteristics and not the accident of birth or proximity or usefulness, then the family mainly withers away. Your world is too warm for it to be relevant or serviceable, any more.

The ego is doubly cursed, unable to like others, and unlikeable itself, which is a hard knot to unbind. The egos must engage in repression of desire if they want to try to form a community, and this is why all human attempts at utopia have failed to this day. If the ego does not repress desire, then it is not even minimally likeable, and the society dissolves as each falls back to the lowest common social denominator of family. The ego can only succeed at this repression a short time, then it explodes, but never blaming itself.

So as I’ve said, community forms automatically, quickly, and securely among powerful individuals, who have no troubles with their unconscious minds, as the ego is plagued by its samskaras. No other option makes sense to them, and if their community project failed they would still prefer to live close to one another, since they really do like each other for solid reasons not based in the senses, but in awareness of spirit, its potency, glory and value.