Thursday, July 1, 2010


Finis prope est


Guru Kurt said...

The End is Near?

I'm looking forward eagerly to another five billion years of joyous embodiment here, overflowing with merriment. Then I'll go build another castle.

The end of the human dream that civilization could be built upon unlimited material expansion may be near, and the sooner the better.

Don said...

5 billion years is just when the sun vaporizes the Earth, although there is some doubt whether it really will; it may escape that fate and remain around after the sun shrinks to the white dwarf stage, but it will certainly be scorched.

It's not known whether the Universe will experience the Big Crunch, or even what that means to the matter presently in the Universe.

Certainly your matter will be around for a long, long time, although in a form which cannot communicate with anyone else, unless one really does believe in life after death.

I remember a sci-fi story where a person requested to be cremated upon death. He gets his wish. He is then cremated a second time when our red giant sun vaporizes the Earth, and then a third time when the Big Cruch gets him.

Isn't it wonderful that the Earth has evolved creatures that can contemplate such subjects?

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Guru Kurt said...

One interesting thing here, is that by demonstrating a living concern over this topic, which you do not demonstrate, I have shown a potential difference in being between us, whereby my remarks obtain one form of instant validation just in the discourse on hand, that I may know whereof I speak.

Don said...

Why do you think I don't have a living concern for the topic? Someone who knows science can easily have concerns for what he/she studies.

But your "living concern" actually vaidates nothing. One may have concern for topics which are utterly false.


Guru Kurt said...

This is where it gets interesting, because showing and feeling concern over a topic that has objective urgency to the fundamental questions of life, where you share no similar concern and in fact dismiss me as irrelevant to your felt-projects, is very strong evidence that we are not the same within.

If we are not the same within, then your mental model for this situation of embodiment, that you and are I more or less equal commentators on the situation, each with access to the English language but neither having special privileges, is proved false.

Somehow we are different by being, now the question becomes why this is so. I merely stated that this is one form, not the only form or the conclusive form, of evidence that I may have spiritual knowledge you do not possess.

Guru Kurt said...

Knowing what is urgent in any given situation is one means of demonstrating superiority by being.

Somehow the person has greater awareness of reality, a more powerful and rational mind, and the most rational person should be the ultimate ruler.

Among people who have retreated from the ignorant belief that force can authentically trump reason, there can be many long discussions about this, as the more rational ones also find arguments to support their claim to a greater portion of reason.

They asked in the medieval ages if many angels can dance on the head of a pin, and they can. To humans it looks like a pin as they discuss endlessly the privileges of being, but to them this is an urgent matter.

Guru Kurt said...

The overarching theme of this age, is that humanity in pride and arrogance, stands obdurately and unthinkingly with faith in the bodily powers they experience, expressed in their ultimate forms as scientific inquiry and human ingenuity. No words can affect this stand of theirs, and no gentle person can stand in their way without experiencing harm and mischief.

The purpose of this theme, from God's perspective, is to demonstrate the inherent weakness of the creatures, by which for eternity they will never of themselves be able to “play nice” with their Creator.

The bodies of intelligence are here, but the tiny wisps of souls cannot wield them beautifully in a context of non-harm. It amounts to an incapacity to feel deep joy within these bodies from their powers and potentials alone, that is manifested in outward activities which fail to respect the resource limitations.