Thursday, October 2, 2008

Weekend Getaway

My husband is making me go camping this weekend! He wants me to get away to spend some time outdoors. His complaint is that I spend too much time inside my head. Although I grumbled a bit at the thought of having to leave home, I do agree that it might be good for me to just relax for a few days. Depression and fatigue have been coming and going, mixed in with a bit of up-ness to keep my bipolarity on its toes. I haven't gone to volunteer at the animal rescue sanctuary for a few weeks and I do feel some guilt over this because I miss the animal friends that I've made. I am going to try hard to go next Thursday. I also want to go help my father and stepmother again with all the trees that fell down in their backyard when the remnants of Ike blew through; I'll do that when I return. I get back Sunday so Monday would be a good day for that.

The sweepstakes that I won couldn't have come at a better time. We needed to do some work to our house and for the past couple weeks the work has been getting done. It should be finished by next week, then I can clean up the house. It is so disorganized right now that I feel a little overwhelmed. Part of the sweepstakes prize was furniture. We went to pick out a bedroom suite and couch today. I loved my house before, but I love my house even more now. It's a small house but I plan on living here the rest of my life. That "home sweet home" feeling is a real feeling; it's a nice cozy feeling.

I get various magazines at my house made out to my art business, everything from Motor Trend, to Travel, to Caribbean, to Psychology Today, Home, Modern Home, Seed, Spin, U.S. News and World Report, Antiques and others. (I get them for free.) They keep coming and I can't keep up with them. It occurred to me recently that people at the local nursing home might like to read some of them, so now I have a way to recycle the magazines. I just wanted to mention this because I thought if any of you have magazines that you usually throw away when you're finished reading, maybe you can save them and deliver them to a nursing home near you.

I'm hoping to respond to the most recent comments left here when I return on Sunday, but if I don't, know that I have read them all. I always get a copy of them sent to my email address. Thank you for the conversation. You are my modern-day pen-pals. :)


Don said...

Good choice! Camping is the way to go. Camped in the American West for like 20 years straight each September, and hope to continue with it.

Sigurd said...

My girlfriend and I are planning to go to Germany and Denmark for our Christmas vacation. Still a long way to go.
And I'm poorer with 1000 euros less this year; I had to pay more taxes.
And I'm about to get transfered to another project or workplace.

paul v said...

wonderful,nature's abundance.
we have never camped out, but we enjoy going out on totally unplanned trips.
we take a week or 10 days off, just drive, go where you feel like. stop where you like and sleep where ever you get a place. some of the best times of our life with our 7 year old daughter!

Christi said...

I hope you had a wonderful trip! I wish I could get Steve to go camping with me, but he always has an excuse.

~ Christi

Sophia said...

Hi Don,

What is your favorite camping spot?

For various reasons this was only our first camping trip this year. However, we're already planning another one for Thursday and Friday. Depression really caused me to lose interest in things like camping and hiking, but I find myself beginning to take interest in them again. I'm glad because my husband loves to go camping and when I slowed down it kept him from doing some of the things he enjoyed.

Sophia said...

Hi Sigurd,

How long are you planning on staying?

What is the new project?

Sophia said...

Hi Paul,

Thanks for stopping by.

It sounds like you and your family are very spontaneous and adventurous.

I bet there's all sorts of surprises to be found when there are no expectations.

Sophia said...

Hi Christi,

Our trip was wonderful. With some of the leftover money from the sweepstakes and trade-ins of my husband's sports car and our camping van, we were able to get a used Motor Home. There's an extra bed if you're ever able to sneak away for a while. :)

Christi said...

I would love that! Of course, I'd have to bring the littlest one, but she doesn't take up too much room. ;o}