Friday, October 17, 2008

The Fleur de Lis Strikes Again

I wanted to see if a book was available on ebay so I typed in "The Reluctant Messenger" in the search field. The first link to the product that came up was from a store called "Fleurdelis18".

My friend Don says his mother painted the Fleur de Lis motif in the bathroom of their house.

On a different yet similar note, I left a comment on "A New Soul's" blog. In return she visited my blog and saw that I had a dream about being a Rosicrucian. Her grandmother was a Rosicrucian in the 1950s. After seeing my dream, she was inspired to do a web search for her grandmother's name and found a poem that her grandmother wrote for a Rosicrucian digest. You can read the story of our shared experience here, as well as the poem:

P.S. I'll respond to comments tomorrow. I had the flu shot earlier today and it's made me ill for a short while, so I don't have much energy. hehehe... I'd rather be sick for one day than for a week or more, though! I'm going to bed now. If I feel better in the morning I'm going on a group hike, then at 3:00pm my best friend from college is getting married at the university we went to. Sunday, my husband wants to go camping (again) so I'll be gone for two nights. Last weekend when we went I enjoyed myself; I spent some time solving brain teasers.

P.P.S. I've noticed that I'm not interested in movies anymore. I watch them when my husband wants to watch them, but I can't get pulled into the story anymore. It's like the suspension-of-disbelief mechanism has stopped functioning in my brain. Movies just seem so... well... mundane. Has this happened to anyone else?


Don said...

I'm like you concerning movies. Most of the ones currently are so mindless. I have a few favorites from the past I do enjoy: 2001, Forbidden Planet, The Last Picture Show, Dr. Strangelove.

Sigurd said...

I like action movies. Not the stories.

Sophia said...

The latest movie I watched was the new Indiana Jones film. Some parts were kind of hokey but the ending was sort of profound.


I'm seeing the FDL all the time now. I see it at least once or twice a day it seems. I saw it yesterday on my mother's curtain rod and on the awnings of some local stores.

It's puzzling yet amusing that a symbol I never noticed before is so ubiquitous after learning about it.