Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A Most Impressive Synchronicity

I see synchronicity often, especially starting early last year. The synchronicity I experienced just a few minutes ago is one of the strongest I have ever experienced. All I can say is, "Wow!"

About ten minutes ago I read an email my next door neighbor sent me. It's one of those forwards you sometimes get. This one was about using your car alarm to get people's attention in case someone breaks into your house or you're in trouble in a parking lot, etc. Not five minutes had passed when a car alarm sounded at a neighbor's behind our house.

It's not often that car alarms go off where I live. My window was open and it was so loud, as if to say, "Now THIS should really get your attention!"

As if this experience was not awesome enough, a little while before I read the email I was wondering to myself if it is possible to CREATE synchronicity. So the experience of that synchronicity was a synchronicity!!

Synchronicity is so exciting, especially when it's this obvious.


Anonymous said...

The term Synchronicity makes it sound like something mechanical when in fact to me it seems like the work of some intelligent being.

How does it seem to you?

Jody said...

This was so cool! (My last name is CARR...hope that doesn't mean I'm an alarm. Maybe that I have something to tell you)

Don said...

Sometimes someone can experience synchronicity which is very powerful to themself but trying to relate it to others doesn't work too well. My most powerful brush with it came when I was reading a book titled "Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds". I was at a part talking about phrases running around England in like the 1700's street people used to insult wealthy people. One was "Who are you?" Well, this was late at night, I was alone, I had an FM station on, and what song comes on which I heard for the first time? "Who are you?" by the Who. Like I said, it might fall flat to relate it now to others but at the time it was powerful.

One way to try to scientifically explain synchronicity is that the world is getting so incredibly complex now that you often have two similar things happen at the same time.

Sophia said...

Hi Moss,

Synchronicity is still as much a mystery to me now as when it started. I've wondered whether it is the work of some higher beings that might be trying to get my attention, to show me more than the mundane, to show me the supernatural. I've read that synchronicity is all around us, it's just that we aren't aware enough to see it all the time. It's like the thread that stitches together the fabric of the universe, showing how everything is connected or sewn together.

Sophia said...

Hi Jody,

I went and checked out your website today. I can tell by the pictures you've used here and there that you have a sincere and heartfelt smile. You can really tell when someone is truly smiling by the way their cheeks seem to light up or lift. The eyes and cheeks work together in a real smile.

I just wanted to mention that. I noticed it the first time you commented here. Seeing your picture makes me want to smile, too.

I wonder if what you might have to tell me is alarming. :)

Don said...

(Compulsive rapid-fire posting again!!)

You said:

I've wondered whether it is the work of some higher beings that might be trying to get my attention, to show me more than the mundane, to show me the supernatural.

donstockbauer **at** hotmail.com

Where I run into this is if I can't find some little object that I know was in a certain place like a minute ago. So I tell myself "This is it! Higher dimension beings exist, and they're playing tricks on me! Nothing else could explain it! They're laughing at me right now as I search like an idiot!"

But then, always, I find it, logic and reason prevail."

Sophia said...

Hi Don,

It's difficult to get people excited about synchronicity. Most of the time people's response is similar to, "So what? It's just a coincidence."

There's a movie I have on DVD that I've seen a few times. The main character V has a saying that I really like, "There are no coincidences, only the illusion of coincidence."

Don said...

"There's a movie I have on DVD that I've seen a few times. The main character V has a saying that I really like, "There are no coincidences, only the illusion of coincidence.""

But then there is the cold hard fact that in a Universe where all kinds of things are happening it's inevitable that things should happen together which are very similar.

This is beginning to look like a lot of other subjects which can be debated forever, like free will vs determinism, etc.

Don said...

I had my first case tonight of higher dimension beings reaching in and grabbing an object, one of my mother's containers of medicine. Can't find it anywhere. Either that, or it'll show up in like 5 years behind something.

Sophia said...

Hi Don,

I've been camping.

Did you find your mother's medication?

I hope so. If not, you may be making an emergency run to the pharmacy tonight.

I hope everything's OK.

Sophia said...

Here at my house we sometimes purposefully hide things and then can't remember where when we need them. Months later they just show-up.

Don said...

As with all prior cases of "gremlins stealing my stuff", the meds showed up later.

Sophia said...

I'm glad about that. :)

Every day here we go searching for something my husband has misplaced. I'm not kidding, he does this on a daily basis. Normally we find the lost items but a couple weeks ago, during all the remodeling on the house, his prescription magnifier glasses went missing. We looked everywhere. Today they mysteriously showed up on the side of the house behind his fishing boat.

He misplaces things so much that I've started teasing him about it. :) Sometimes, though, this backfires on me when I lose something and need his help to find it!

A New Soul said...

Hi Sophia,
So the question is, did you go look to see if they needed help?

Sophia said...

I looked outside the window to see if there were any signs of commotion. There's very rarely any commotion here as it's mostly a quiet neighborhood. I just couldn't tell which house the alarm came from as it wasn't on long enough for me to discern the location.

It's interesting you brought this up, really, because I think almost everyone has been conditioned to ignore car alarms. When they were first around it was a big deal; they'd go off and people would be like, "Uh oh, what's going on?" Now, when we're in parking lots or wherever, if they go off we just tune them out because we've gotten used to them, because, usually it turns out they are going off for silly reasons.

Bringing this to light reminds me to try to pay attention.