Sunday, October 19, 2008

Jim of the Jungle

Most of us "spiritual bloggers" know that Jim disappeared into the void over a month ago. I called him shortly after his disappearance and he sounded a bit confused when he answered. Now, we all know Jim was always a little confused, but in a very endearing way. However, I was concerned after hanging up with him because he didn't sound like himself. He always sounded happy to hear from me, but this last time he didn't even seem to recognize me. For those of us who visited his blog frequently, we know he appeared to be going through some type of inner struggle during the last month of his writings and that eventually he ended up deleting almost all of the posts on his blogs.

I can no longer hide my worry. I am deeply concerned about Jim.

His birthday is Halloween. I will be sending him a card but I am almost fearful that it will be returned to me by the owners of the place he was/is living in; I'm afraid something has happened to him, or that he's been taken away by men in white coats.

Jim, if you read this, please let us know that you're still alive. Everyone is looking for you.

I wrote this letter to you tonight:


Are you around?

People have been looking for you at your blog.

I have been looking for you.

Maybe if I told you I needed you, you would come out from hiding.

I'm going through lots of confusion. I've really been pulled into esotericism and I start worrying that I'll go to Hell because my Christian lessons from childhood told me that occultism is sinful, yet I no longer consider myself Christian, as you know. At the same time, I'm starting to teach myself Kabbalah and am enjoying it and want to learn more. I don't know what is right and what is wrong. There are so many paths to take in life and I don't know which is the right one.

Come out come out wherever you are. I need your help and guidance.

Love always,


P.S. Jim, I come to you because I know you have warned me several times against esotericism and yet you seemed to have mastered Kabbalah. I know you will know how to answer my question.


goatman said...

You know he had a son in Iraq.
We can only hope that both are safe.

My birthday is Halloween also!!!

Rob said...

I share your concern Sophia.

Hopefully he will turn up again before long.

Jim is a great person.

brad4d said...

You don't have to know
what is right or wrong
when criticism becomes evaluation, the observation becomes
"for better or for worse."

certainty may be worse

Sigurd said...

Sorry. I've been very busy.
Jim too. In Wonderland? ;)

Sophia said...

Hi Goatman,

I don't believe he has any biological children, but he is kind of like a surrogate father to many.

He has not much to give and yet he gives everything.

The card is ready to be mailed tomorrow morning. I'm hoping and praying that it is received by him. I told him in the letter that you and he share the same birthday. I also told him that everyone is wondering where he is.

I hope he is safe. I know he would not abandon his friends unless something was in his way.

Sophia said...

I know Jim thinks fondly of you, too, Rob.

I'm just hoping he's going through some kind of emotional lent and will be back when it's all over.

Sophia said...

Brad4d, you may have a point there. I can think of many instances where I'd rather be ignorant. :)

Sophia said...


Why are we always sorry for doing the things we have to do? :) (I always tend to apologize for being busy, too!)

Benjamin said...

you might find useful

Sophia said...

Thank you, Benjamin. I think that list could be a useful thing to consult for a long time to come.

I wish I knew how to speed read because I want to soak up every one of them!