Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Synchronicity Journal October 8, 2008

I mostly haven't been journaling my experiences with synchronicity lately with the exception of yesterday's event. Today, so far, two of them have happened that I thought were fun.

Earlier today, my husband noticed that a wooden post on our fence had broken in two, probably from when the winds from Ike blew through a few weeks ago. He said, "For now I'll have to 'scab' it." I had never before heard of people scabbing things to repair them. A couple hours ago, my dad called. For no reason whatsoever, he told me that he'd like to get an English bulldog and name it "Scab". (My father has a weird sense of humor.) I had not told him about the broken fence post before this.

An hour ago my husband and I were moving a mattress out of the spare bedroom. He went to the kitchen to retrieve something and I was looking at the books on the bookshelf as I waited for him. I felt drawn towards a book called "The Ant World", by Derek Wragge Morley. A half hour later someone posted a message to a Yahoo group that I belong to. The person's name is "Ant". The post he wrote was about a book he had found.


Phil said...

Synronicity, is quite amazing, isn't it ? Just happens. Often enough not to be accidental, yet it happens, when the mind isn't strangling itself with what's expected to happen. : )

Mark said...

Synchronicity is all around us when we are tuned into it.

Jody said...

Your guides and angels are telling you something with the word SCAB. It would be good to play with it...rearrange the letters, as well as looking up the many definitions. Explore its meanings. There is a message for you.

Sophia said...

Hi Phil,

I spent a long time wondering what it was all about. Messages from angels? Doorways? etc. Lately I've just stopped thinking about it as much and I just sit back, relax and enjoy the show. If anything, I just let it speak to me as if it were proof that there is order in the Universe after all.

Sophia said...


I love it when it starts happening one right after the other!

Sophia said...

Hi Jody,

Maybe it means I should take-up driving CABS for a living. :)

Yes, I think you're right. One of the best places to start is to look up the definitions, for I am sure there are more meanings than just the protective covering that forms on a wound. Or maybe it means my wounds have been covered. (Not physical wounds, but others.) I can see where this may be true because for a long time now I've let go of things that by previously hanging onto I was wounding myself with.