Tuesday, October 14, 2008

P.S. to the Previous Post

A friend sent me an email after reading the previous post and he asked, "What makes you think God is a 'he'?"

It's a good question, so just for clarification, this is the response I sent to him:

"I don't. It's just that it's a common term used for God and it's shorter and more attractive than saying He/She/It. :) I am sure God is actually quite androgynous."

(By the way, my opinions about God or the Universe are simply that, just opinions. I cannot say that I am settled on my opinions. As I learn more about myself I hope to learn more about God. I am very open to hearing about others' ideas about God or anything I speak about on this blog.)


Phil said...

Hi again Sophia, Hope you're well,

There isn't a God, "There is nothing but God" to quote chip

Just another thought : )

Jody said...

Sophia is the goddess of wisdom. Might mean something to you, SOPHIA!

Don said...

I agree with phil, "There is nothing but God". That would be pantheism, where God and the Universe are identical concepts. Given that, you might play around with the concept of religion and science melding.

shabana said...

God create man in His own image.(Genesis)

I think that's why.

Sophia said...


Sounds to me like Chip is "in the know".

Sophia said...

Hi Jody,

Early last year when I chose the name "Sophia" for my online nickname, I didn't know that it meant wisdom nor that it was the name of a goddess.

I guess I had my sights set high. hehehe

Sophia said...

Hi Don,

I agree with Phil, too. However, I believe that God extends beyond the universe as well, which is panentheism, not pantheism. But they are both very similar.

Speaking of science and religion, there was a website I found a year and a half ago that I meant to read but never got around to. The page is called "The Reluctant Messenger of Science and Religion", found here: http://reluctant-messenger.com/

Sophia said...


That's what I've heard.

Of course, as usual, all answers only lead to more questions. Man is imperfect, so is God imperfect? Or could it be that man is really perfect but in our own eyes we are imperfect by our own standards?

Don said...

I cant wrap my mind around panentheism, being very much the scientist, I think everything can be explained by objects forming a substrate and then that level undergoing metasystem transition producing emergent phenomena, but that's just me, there are as many opinions as there are people on the Earth.

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