Friday, October 24, 2008

The Mirror of Self - Diary Entries from October 20 and 21, 2008

This post stems from an exercise on page 49 of this book: It is an entry that I made into my journal while camping.

I put off doing this exercise for a long time because I couldn't find the right meditative moment. I ended up doing it in the motor home while camping. It took a while to get into a proper meditative state. Once there, I stared deeply into my eyes. I could see my reflection in them in the mirror and wondered if it went on into infinity, like infinite mirror reflections. I knew I'd never be able to see my face as it really is; I can only see a reflection through a mirror. The image in the mirror is only an illusion. The eye cannot see itself.

Are we humans only an illusion, a mirror image of what's real? Does God see Itself through humans or all living things?

I can't see myself from outside myself. Is God so omnipotent that It can see Itself from outside Itself? (Wait, there is no "outside".)

*(While meditating, I heard the t.v. in the other room say, "You are two people in one body," and I thought of the androgyne nature of God.)*

-Journal entry from October 21, 2008-

Yesterday I was being silly. I gave the peace sign to my husband and said, "Elvis is in the building." Today I was reading the Psychology Today magazine and on page 33 was an article called, "Elvis is in the Building." The picture for the article shows four Elvis impersonators. One of them is giving the peace sign.

Within the same hour we were in the motor home. My husband was in the bed napping. (Well, I should say he was *trying* to nap.) We were talking and when he wanted to go back to sleep he said, "Silence!" In response, I sang a line from the Simon & Garfunkel song "Sound of Silence". Ten minutes later he got up and wanted to test out the radio and speaker system so he told me to turn on the radio. When I turned it on, "The Sound of Silence" was playing.


Mossy said...

We can not "see" anything because all of the things we "see" are just mental images created by us in response to optical stimulus. The mirror is the mind, not the the glass. The heart is also said to be a mirror.

Nothing external can be seen objectively with the eyes or the mind.

We can however (so they say) have objective knowledge of our own existance and experience.

Cookiemouse said...

Like the new blog header.

Don said...

My sister said that she'd like to name one of her dogs "Darkness" so that when it approached her she could say "Hello, Darkness, my old friend."

donstockbauer *** attt ***

Don said...

What if God is the entire Universe?

How is the Universe made alive? By peer-peer messaging.

Neurons messaging neurons create the human mind.

Human minds messaging each other form the global brain.

Global brains messaging each other (via SETI) form the galactic brain.

And if galaxies message each other you have the Universal Mind, or God.

donstockbauer **att**

Sophia said...

Hi Moss,

It seems like these are mirrors of the more subtle realms, as if each realm is a mirror of the more subtle realm above it.

The mind and heart is a mirror of.... ?

Sophia said...

Thanks, Cookie. I thought it more accurately protrayed my interests. Slowly, as time goes on, things are being more and more refined.

Sophia said...


This is nice but it assumes that only the physical realm makes up these mind systems. I believe it is just a subset.

I don't know... I'd have to understand Quantum Physics to get the picture to see how energy manifests into physical objects. Are physical objects only highly compressed energy? Is air only lightly compressed energy? What is even more lightly compressed than air? Maybe the key is Light-ly compressed.

Mossy said...

I will assume that you read the Rumi poem.

Probably the only real thing that can be reflected is God (or divine love). The back of the mirror(mind) does not reflect well, one only sees the mirror itself. The front of a mirror(heart) provides and acurate image but still only an image.

Perhaps the next step would be to become one with God, at least in part, for just a moment.

Don said...


There are some cybernetic concepts concerning how brains and minds form which don't need such heavy-duty physics.

You just concern yourself with peers (such as the neurons in your head) messaging each other, forming memes.

One way to look at it is that the spirit or soul can be defined in a hardware-software analogy, the body being the hardware and the soul being your body in operation, having memories, thoughts, etc.

What I like about cybernetics is that it's not just dry science, but it attempts to understand such esoteric concepts as the soul.

donstockbauer **att*

Sophia said...

Hi Mossy,

OK, I'm finally getting a good moment to talk about the poem. It really had to be read a few times to see the meaning behind the allegory, especially the part that seems to make Jesus symbolic of the physical manifestation of the world, and zephyr perhaps the opposite of manifestation (nothingness, perhaps?). Nothing can't ride the ass but something can.

Sophia said...


The hardware/body and software/soul analogy is a good one. The software needs the hardware to run but doesn't necessarily need the hardware to exist.

Mossy said...

Another view is that Jesus (the successful seeker) is not passive.

"Spirit, find your way, in seeking lowness like a stream..." and " must do a little work" and "You return just as you left..."

God, What did you expect? What was I to bring back?