Saturday, November 24, 2007


I was really in a poetry-writing mood tonight. Words haven't flooded my gates like this since late 2004 / early 2005. It's hard to describe but it's almost as though a door in my heart opened and instead of thought I found myself surrendering to feeling.

This weekend I will respond to all comments that have been acknowledged by me but not properly replied to.

I will probably read this in a podcast soon just to put voice to heart's words.

here i engage in thought while lost in a spiritual circle.
this has everything to do with insanity and nothing to do with awareness.
so long have i adapted to illusion when i should adopt new sight.
am i in a position to seek union with the divine
while i am stuck in a body built of nothing but flesh and desire?
my supernal needs are insatiable yet i fill myself full of nothing but waste.
might i further resist the poverty of my own weak soul?
so many false prophets are eager to be my master
yet i only desire to be witness to One who speaks Truth.
be sure that when i discover him i will embrace him.
then will i drink from the fountain that spills vitality
and i will arise from this cradle of thorns that have pierced me.


Robert said...

I believe you will find the right path.

Siegfried said...

Let go of the Truth. Have fun!

Siegfried said...

Try surfing!

Siegfried said...

Never mind the abusive comments. Don't be a wussy!
I mean wimp. ;>)

Siegfried said...

Don't try confessional poetry. It's not easy. Unless you are crazy like me.

Joe said...

Look in the mirror, you might be surprized who speaks truth. Self mastery is the only mastery, anything else is slavery.

Cephalis said...

The search IS the path.

jim said...

Wonderful Sophia.

Always, Jim.

jim said...

And please, enjoy yourself.

Lucid said...

You are right Sophia, and unfortunately there may be no avioding falsehood. I believe it is all part of learning how and what is right for you {{sigh}} It is hard to remain positive and patient while you walk through the dense woods. Put alil faith that you will be shown your path when the time is right! Sometimes you have to cut down the weeds and trim in order to see the clearing!

XOXOXO - hang in there!

goatman said...

What is on your I-pod?

Leighton Cooke said...

The search is the search. The path is the path.

Sophia said...

Thank you all for your support!

P.S. to Goatman: I have more than 15 gigs of music on my iPod. You sure you want a list? :)

goatman said...

Thats a lot of ones and zeros!
I shouldn't have imposed on you like that; I was just looking for some music-gift ideas for christmas. I have recently found a nice sound from a group called "Over the Rhine" which is out of Cincinnati. Got two of their CD's as gifts and was looking for ideas.
I usually get used CDs on Amazon (not as gifts, but for myself) then play them on a changer set to "random". So its like an ipod in that many different songs play but I like to have the option of listening to the CD alone for the original intention of the playlist. And I think the sampling is better with CD giving a nicer sound. (Not as nice as Vinyl but close)
Anyways, (I love people who say that) I'm sorry for the imposition.

Sophia said...


You didn't impose. It was actually an interesting question, and it was the first time anyone's actually taken an interest in what I have on my iPod.

I don't know what genres of music you're looking for gifts in, but some of my current favorites are Kate Bush's "Aerial", Afro Celt Sound System, anything by Hans Zimmer, Libera's "Free", Loreena McKinnet's newest "An Ancient Muse" and music by Vangelis. A group that I'm interested in at the moment, but that I don't have a CD of yet, is Waterbone. You should check out their music on Amazon. I don't know if you'd like that style, but I have become very fond of it and you just might, too. Especially check out the song "August Moon". I have that song, luckily.

Hopefully those will help give you some ideas of what to buy your friends or family for Christmas, given of course that they like this type of music! I know my tastes are a bit eccentric!

goatman said...

Thanks for the tips, I am always interested in what others listen to.
You may open up a new horizon for me.