Monday, March 3, 2008

What The?!

Remember the dream I had a couple days ago about the guy that threatened to spank my cat?

An odd bit of synchronicity for you!

Tonight I was looking for a short film I used to like to watch about a cat with human hands when I ran into this video on YouTube of a cat being spanked. I was not looking for it; it found me. I don't know whether to be absolutely horrified and angered or if I should just laugh. The cat really seems to like it????

Does something seem wrong here?

P.S. The video about the cat with human hands can be found in my VodPod on the right side of my blog, but I must warn you that it's kind of creepy to some people.

I just watched some more videos by this guy that was "massaging" the cat, and it appears he is a veterinarian because he has some rather nice videos of other animals that seem to imply he is helping them.


Siegfried said...

Nice video! I love to spank cats. Many cats love it. Some don't tho.
Cats just want a lot of attention, no matter what.

Sophia said...


I'm still confused by the video. I don't know that it qualifies for abuse, just because the cat seems to enjoy it so much. We'll never completely understand animals. I know that my own cats really enjoy any kind of attention I show them on their backs near their tails. I don't know what kind of stimulation it is but they just love to be scratched near their tails on their backs! Whenever I scratch them there, their tails point straight up into the air and they lift-up their backside as if trying to get more.

Three of my four cats love this kind of attention. My newest cat, Pollyanna, doesn't seem to like any kind of attention. But she's fun to watch. I tease her and call her "Anti-love".

When I think about your comment, I imagine much of it is true for people, too.