Sunday, March 2, 2008

I Am.

I am raven, black as midnight
I am dove, white as snow
I am sunshine on a summer's day
I am moonlight in the foggy twilight
I am dark and I am bright
I am blessed and I am cursed
I am joy and I am sadness
I am noise and I am silence
I am awake and I am asleep
I am near and I am far
I am everything and I am nothing
I am pleasure and I am pain
I am slave and I am free


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"I" is anything but reality.

Sophia said...


An eye for an I
To recognize the false self
Vision of nothing

jim said...

I really am enjoying the poetry you are writing these days, really is good stuff young lady, proud to know you, priveleged to read you, thanks Sophia!

Rachel said...

I reallly like this one. Can I link to this on my blog? Also, do you mind if I played with this idea and wrote my own version?
This speaks to me, in some fashion...

Sophia said...


Thanks for enjoying it. I was inspired by the bipoplar disorder to write this poem. It's an on again off again type of illness, black and white, every day an opposite of the day before it seems.

Sophia said...


Thank you so much. Yes, definitely you can link to it. Thank you. I don't mind if you play around with it. Use it however you like.