Sunday, March 16, 2008

Auditory Hallucinations, or Ghosts?

I just heard a baby crying... IN MY HOUSE, at 11:15pm. Funny thing is, there are no televisions on, nor are there any radios on or any type of activity out in the quiet neighborhood, nor do I have any children! I checked to make sure the speakers to my computer were turned off.

I am reminded of an incident that happened about three months ago. Someone whispered my name. Only, when I turned around to see who was talking to me, there was no one there.

Has anything like this ever happened to you?

I have depression, but I'm not insane. If I was insane, I wouldn't be questioning my sanity to begin with. Right?

Just for the record, my mood tonight is good.

Update, 11:38pm: I just read an article that relieves me and worries me at the same time. For the time being I am just assuming that my brain accepted auditory input from white noises around the house and mistakenly recoded them as whispers and a crying baby.


Christi said...

I think the idea of ghosts are far more interesting... then again, I'm a ghost hunter so that probably has something to do with it. *g*

~ Christi

Sophia said...

I am really going to have to join you on one of these ghost hunting excursions. To be completely honest, I had been toying with the idea of joining the club since I was in college. Imagine my surprise when you told me you belonged.

I think experiencing a "hunt" with you would be a wonderful bonding experience.

My husband and I used to go ghost hunting at the Pigeon Roost Massacre site and graveyard, which was extremely isolated and quite creepy. We didn't have any EVP recording equipment, nor did we have any thermal sensor equipment, but we took our camera and shot some photographs looking for vortices or orbs. I don't think we ever caught anything on film from that site.

When we went to Las Vegas in June of last year, we were just taking casual photographs of the hotel we were staying in. When I got home to examine the photos, I was shocked to see them chock-full of orbs! The idea of hunting for ghosts wasn't even on my mind at the hotel!

Christi said...

I completely forgot that we had discussed that or I wouldn't have mentioned it again! I swear, pregnancy brain is in full-force lately Hehe

Speaking of pregnancy, we went to this Cajun place for lunch and Steve told them I was four months pregnant... I was like, how many? He had no clue, he just assumed that's where I was since he couldn't remember. I had to laugh when he seemed surprised that I'm actually 5.5 months now! Silly boy ;o}

Anyway, I would *love* to have you along on a hunt. I need to get my training done with the group, but I'm always up for solo excursions too (solo being myself and someone else, it's not safe to go truly alone and many, many groups also strongly advise against it - plus I'm too chicken to go without someone else along for the ride! Hehe)

Now to just figure out haunted places in the area and a time when we're both up to the adventure and we'll be good to go!

~ Christi

jim said...

Maybe you have a white cat? Cats often make sounds like a baby, the cat always denies doing it, but they did it. Also cats can make very odd sounds like names and even words like those I can't even pronounce, again, confronted, the cat always denies doing so. Cats are like that, lovely little creatures that they are, but they do like to talk, and often they talk to themselves, maybe they are talking to each other.

So don't worry, play with the cats, nudge them to confess a little bit, feed them some catnip, and whatever else they like to eat, give them a drink, and wait till you hear it again, this time, go straight to the cat and put it on the spot immediately, who knows, the cat just might confess to you and you will be able to post on that.

Also, I would tell you, not only white cats do this stuff like this, but all types and nationalities of cats are able to speak odd sounds that turn out to be humanlike. Also it might be that they have some bird in them, parrot maybe?

Anyway, don't worry Sophia, give the cat a treat and call me in the morning.

Suze said...

Hi Sophia!

I think that the human experience is so wide and diverse and the most common interpretations of it are really limited. You ain't crazy. Well, if you are, then maybe I am too. But then again, I don't doubt that. :)

I think you get my point. I have heard and seen things that are out of the "ordinary". I think it is just that the ordinary may be too narrow.


Cookiemouse said...

This happened to me a few times when I was a child.

Mark said...

Could be as you said, could be that some form of energy, possibly a spirt guide is trying very hard to get your attention. Keep your ears and eyes open as well as your mind.

Siegfried said...

We are all ghosts that materialize when seen or observed with the senses.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of spirituality......

Happy Birthday to Christianity.

Sophia said...

Hi Christi,

I'm glad you mentioned it again as it seems we had more to say about the subject. :)

Uh oh, sounds like Steve was almost in trouble for not remember how long you've been pregnant. I wonder if he's ever forgotten about an anniversary or Valentine's Day!

By the way, how did Squidlet respond to the Cajun?

Now that warmer weather is almost here, ghost hunting at night will really be nice! I really hope we can get into the Waverly Hills Sanitorium sometime. I used to have a "connection" with a woman who led ghost hunting tours there, but it's been years since I've received an email from her.

Sophia said...

Hi Jim,

I don't have a white cat! But I have two of them that have some white on them. You're right, though, cats often make strange noises. One of the four, my orange tabby, occasionally roams around the house in the middle of the night just wailing away. "Mewwwwwww, mewwwwwww, mEEEEeeeWWWWWW...." No one ever knows what she's doing, but it's cute listening to her wails echo in the empty night.

Sophia said...


I like your point-of-view!

I don't want to limit myself to five senses, anyway.

I really believe there is a lot going on behind the scenes, that humans will never be able to touch, see, smell, hear or taste without opening up first to the possibility that there is more than meets the eye.

Sophia said...


I think my imagination is more active now than it was when I was a child!

I don't know if that's a good thing or not. :)

Sophia said...


Good idea. Who knows how a spirit guide would choose to contact me. I've asked a few times for them to make contact, after all.

Well, whoever or whatever was possibly trying certainly got my attention!

Sophia said...


If no one is around to see me, am I still here? :)

Sophia said...


Yes, certainly a very happy birthday!

Siegfried said...

No. If you can't see yourself.

jim said...

Lol, that is funny Sophia, very funny the cat wailing like that, I remember such episodes from when I had cats around. They can sound just like babys, even like people talking and such.

It is very windy with great gusts here tonight, I am sitting here be the open doors, hearing the whistlings and trees and bushes rustling, the tarps outside flapping, plastic bags even making their own strange noises. The far off roaring of trains, carrying far thru the dark and on the winds, the tracks are miles away but they sound like very near.

Chimes on porches are tinkling and ringing like little bells, aching sounds straining from the ties and ropes of the tarps outside one door. Lots of music in this windy night, not to mention the passing sounds of dogs far off, blowing by the door, occassional dove coo goes by....lots of unexpected sounds registering to my ears when I sit and listen silently.

See you later Sophia.

Sophia said...


I can't see my self, but I can see my body. My body exists, but does my self? Hmmm....

Sophia said...


You were certainly very aware of your surroundings that night.

All those sounds you described reminded me of a game I used to play with myself. It was more a "practice" in awareness than it was a game, really. For a short while, I would write in a journal, each day, one unusual sound that I had heard for the day. When one is paying attention, it's amazing what one hears. :) If I could focus on such a project now, I'd probably focus less on my thoughts and more on my surroundings.

jim said...

I remember us talking about that game Sophia, I think you enjoyed it, maybe should try it again?

I listen sort of sharply most of the time, a habit from long ago, need to be aware in public situations, carries over into private times. Sometimes I 'collect' sounds during a period, like that night, sit quietly and collect sound data, then, after I have a bunch, I bring it back up from memory and make it into a little sketch of whatever, like that 'night' a sketch of the night, stuff like that can be fun and good exercise. It can turn into poems or stories too. A little game like yours sort of. Try it.

Thanks for the conversation Sophia, love to you.

Sophia said...


Sometimes I think I'm more aware in dreams than I am in waking life. Lately I've been able to remember my dreams. I used to be able to journal five of them a day. Maybe I'll find that ability again someday.

No one can sketch a night of sounds like you can. Not only can you paint with colors, you can paint with sounds (and words).

I wasn't consciously intending to remember any sounds today, but going back in my mind, I remember a sound I heard through the open window. It was very faint, as if far away in the distant, and it wasn't a very pretty sound of nature or anything, but right now it's all that stands out. It sounded like a truck that was in reverse, making two tones back and forth: bee-do-bee-do-bee-do-bee-do
It went on for a long time, too.

jim said...

Thanks for the compliment Sophia. You are most kind. Sometimes I can, sometimes no.

That sound was strange, have you figured it out yet, what it was? I do that sometimes myself, remember hearing something earlier, then try to recall what it must have been or been from, sometimes it annoys me that I can't identify it.

I did that once with a smell, I got a whiff one day somewhere and it stuck in my nose, very familiar but for the life of me, couldn't identify it, but neither would it go away, stayed for days sharp as ever, finally almost a week or two later, I was at a house where the maid was cleaning, CLOROX bleach, it was like a flash of lightning in my nose, CLOROX I screamed, that was it, now I just had to figure out where it was coming from 2 weeks ago when I got the scent to begin with.