Saturday, March 15, 2008

Dessert After a Bad Meal

I can't leave you with a bad taste, so I'm going to give you a tasty dessert. After all that complaining I just want to say that my readers have been so supportive of me! Please don't allow my complaints to cause you worry. I just like to come here and scream and shout to relieve myself when I'm foaming at the mouth. It's like punching on a virtual feather pillow, hitting so hard to find release, and watching all the feathers flutter to and fro all over the place.

I feel so safe here on this blog, and I trust all of you. Even if you disagree with me or have constructive criticism, I trust you and I love you.

I just wanted to turn down the volume after releasing all my frustration. Leave you with a soft classical melody instead of blaring trash music, and maybe a friendly hug or two. I hope you don't mind hugs.


Anonymous said...

Thank you.

Sophia said...


You're welcome. :) Release and then relieve!