Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Unconditional Love

I was inspired by someone on the Spiritual Friends Locator board to write a few words down about unconditional love.

Love of the most high, unconditional love
Makes a heart flutter and a soul vibrate
This love is not earned or defined
This love makes no judgments
This love makes no demands
It is unlimited, endless and infinite
It selects based on fact of existence
It does not choose from those that exist
It wants and desires us as us
There is no perfection
There is only patience
There is no fear of rejection
There is no failure or mistake
There is no disapproval
All strings have been cut

All who are worthy to live and die are worthy to love and be loved with unconditional love.

May each one of us experience a form of this love in our lifetimes many times over!


Mossy said...

"There is no perfection
There is only patience"


flyingstars said...

lovely have crafted it beautifully!

rob said...

"no fear of rejection"....this sounds like a great place to be!

Anonymous said...

"Stand by your man!"

Is it worth all that?

Siegfried said...

Well, I guess you're right.

Siegfried said...

She wants me. But society won't let her.
There's more to life and love than we are aware of.
I have to accept things the way they are.

Sophia said...

Thanks, Moss. :)

Sophia said...



Sophia said...


I'd like to make it my home.

Sophia said...


I'd say unconditional love has no price.

Sophia said...


Do you care to expound a bit? Who wants you and why won't society let her have you? Is it because of her age?

I'd say, if you both cared enough for one another, you'd find waiting to be worthwhile. That way, she'd be old enough to make decisions wisely and you wouldn't have to worry about making an unwise decision with "jailbait".

I made many unwise decisions when I was "jailbait" and having sexual relationships with much older men. Looking back now, I wish I never had those relationships because I didn't gain anything from them other than getting taken advantage of. Those men couldn't have loved me. If they had loved me, they'd have said, "Let's wait until you're 18 to be sure this is the best decision for us, and let's make sure we truly love each other before doing anything we'd both regret." Love didn't even play a part in those relationships. Lust was all that mattered, for them and for me. I wanted to have sexual attention from older men because that was the only kind of attention I knew how to get from them at the time. I think I was looking for another father, someone to guide me and correct me. But I never found that. I only found sex that couldn't have transcended a water puddle.

Just be careful. I say that because I care about you.

Siegfried said...

I'm reluctant to give you details because a lot of things are happening around me and it's getting a bit complicated.
I saw my favorite girl again and I was very happy. I think she had been sick for a while. She didn't look very fit today; she seemed to have lost weight. She looked anorexic. But I didn't want to ask her questions. I was simply to happy to see her.
My first girlfriend seems to be getting jealous these days. With all the attention I am getting. No matter how I try to avoid leading anyone on. There is this other girl who suddenly blossomed into a beautiful woman since I paid a little attention to her. And we are becoming more familiar with each other. My first girlfriend seem to resent it. Anyway, only time will tell what's going to happen.

Siegfried said...

Well, actually, I'm getting worried about all of them. I just want to encourage them to be more independent and not become victims of society.
I gave my blog address to this six-foot beauty who's almost 19, thinking I won't see her again. Perhaps she might gain something from my blogs.
I am reluctant to give the others my blog address as I might be accused of corrupting minors.
My two boys and their two best friends stayed with me for three days. We all had a good time together.

Siegfried said...

I kept looking at my second son. She looked like a girl with his long black hair. He's going to be a heartbreaker. Already he's attracting a lot of female attention. He's taller than me now and has a deep voice like me.

Siegfried said...

I always make this mistake of using a she for a he. And a he for a she. I had this since a long time ago.
It probably doesn't mean anything.
I have difficulty reading long passages these days; I tend to avoid long stories. I tried to write a long comment a few days ago but blogger didn't let it thru.

Sophia said...


I think almost every girl you cross paths with is your favorite girl. ;) I think you are just simply drawn to feminine energy. That could be why sometimes you say "she" instead of "he", because your own feminine essence might be trying to complete itself. All men have feminine essence, just like all women have some masculine essence. In Jung's psychology, they call this animus and anima.