Friday, March 28, 2008

Dream Date March 28, 2008

I read somewhere on the Internet today that posting one's dreams on their blog is like a death wish for that blog. It said, basically, that it would be a surefire way to keep readers from coming back. I don't know if that's true, and the thought of losing readers - who I think of as friends - bothers me. I think the idea pushes my rejection button. I don't like to be rejected. However, this blog is my diary, regardless of whether or not it is public, and I want to record my dreams because they are part of my life. One of the things I enjoy doing on rare occasions is rereading my old dreams and seeing if I can conjure the images in my mind again almost exactly as I had when I dreamed them.

Before I go on to the dream, I'd like to say that I'd be interested in reading about a dream that you've recently had, if you wouldn't mind sharing. I have no skill at interpreting dreams - I can't even interpret my own - but reading them entertains me as well as offers insight into the mind(s) of my reader(s).

The dream:

I'm at work, only we're now working in a small room and we have our own bathroom. I am sitting next to my coworker J. She keeps ending up with my pencil, and I keep taking it back from her. I guess she is a kleptomaniac. I get up to use the restroom. I walk into the little bathroom, and before I close the door, I say, "I'm so glad we have our own bathroom now." After using the restroom, I wash my hands. The sink must be clogged because it is filling up, but I still need to wash my face. I look down into the full sink and say to myself that it would be gross to use the dirty water to wash my face with. The water spills out onto the floor, and the puddle starts to make its way to the door. If it were to go under the door and out into the hall where everyone could see it, I'd be devastatingly embarrassed! So I put on a latex glove and grab some dirty washcloths that are hanging on a rack on the wall. Of course I don't want to touch them because they are not clean, but the glove serves as protection. I wipe up the floor, letting the washcloths soak up the water.


Christi said...

I think that is a silly statement to make, many people read blogs where people only document their dreams and nothing more.

At your request, here is one of my more recent dreams.

My family is living in a house along a salt marsh/waterway and we're preparing for tornadoes which are supposed to be coming through the area. It feels like the same house we have now, just in a different place with different details.

We're in one room and Steve pushes part of the window in place as a huge gust of wind drives fragments through his body making words where they come out through his back, but I can't read them and he's fine for the experience.

We try to get the kids into the basement, though they won't stay there so we're running around trying to do things and trying to keep the kids downstairs and it's amazingly stressful because I continually ask him if he has Gillian because she is still an infant. He confirms he does and I take her and carry her from room to room.

I remember looking out over the waterway and then telling him that a school bus full of kids went off the road and everyone drowned and then suddenly have this urge that I need to change Gillian's diaper that instant so I can verify whether or not she's actually a girl.

The rest of the dream involves me desperately trying to get everything settled down so I can change her, even though in my dream she looks to be around six months old.

I remember vaguely thinking that I should know one way or the other by now, but extremely frustrated and upset that I don't and that changing her diaper is the only way to truly know, so the longer it's taking the more upset I'm becoming over the entire situation.

Kinda goofy.

~ Christi

Rachel said...

I no longer remember my dreams. Sometimes I wonder if I even dream anymore. Even when I did dream, my recolection of them was minimal--a short sequence from the end, as I awoke, and details lost to the mists.

I envy your retention of event and detail. Keep on dreaming, and sharing.

desert rose said...

Hi Sophia,

I posted this on your old blog. I re-posted it here just in case that you don't visit your old blog.

I thought that this might help you hence the info. I see that you are seeking enlightenment, knowledge and wisdom.

BTW, your name means "wisdom". Did you know that?

Please check out the links below. I do hope that you find them useful. It is respect to Immediate Enlightenment.

I do hope that you get well soon. You need to get in touch with your Inner Master and re-connect with the Divine. Keep on praying and stay on your spiritual path.

God Bless.

Siegfried said...

Bathe often. But make sure it doesn't damage your skin.
Avoid sunbathing. I prefer milkwhite or porcelane skin.
Sleep a lot and stay young. Hibernate.

Mark said...

Interesting. Could be that the bathroom represents something that you have, yet are fearful of losing because you fear you will be found out and the gloves are your way of protecting or hiding your insecurity or secret. Those are my initial thoughts.

Sophia said...

Hi Christi! :)

I am glad my dreams aren't boring you to tears!

Thanks for sharing your dream. I am wondering if, on the night you had this, you were feeling overwhelmed. It reminds me of the high-anxiety dreams that I sometimes have of being late for class or not having my homework done.

Hehee... I have to admit that when you spoke of the words coming out of Steve's back, I wondered if that might be a metaphor for Steve talking and you not listening. I know my husband would say I don't listen to him sometimes. Words go in one ear and out the other. Could this be the same for you?

I don't think your dream is goofy at all. Maybe it's pregnancy anxiety?

Sophia said...

Hello Rachel,

Dream recall gets better with practice. I currently seem to only remember dreams that I have during naps. The overnight dreams are lost with the wind. There are methods to use to improve dream recall, but I'm either too lazy or too sleepy to do them. :)

The Lucidity Institute is fairly well-known throughout the dream community. They have a nice short how-to here:

Let me know if you have any success!

Sophia said...

Hi Desert Rose,

Thanks for stopping by. I do still check my old blog, but only occasionaly.

Sophia is not my real name, but when I chose it as a pseudonymn, I didn't realize it meant wisdom. It was shortly after that I learned online what it meant. I remember thinking I chose a good name, even if I don't think of myself as very wise. :)

Thank you for the links. I will check them out. I remember briefly running into a web site about Master Ching Hai not too long ago.

Sophia said...


I'm so white that a guy I went to college with used to tease me about his needing sunglasses to look at my legs everytime I wore shorts.

Sophia said...


That's a very perceptive interpretation. Goodness knows I have a few insecurities here and there. :)

Thanks for stopping by!