Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Synchronicity from Today, February 27, 2007

About a half hour ago I had a terribly mind-blowing experience of synchronicity. Mentally it is difficult to bear, because once these events start happening, they start avalanching onto me, and before I know it, another one hits before I've even had time to recuperate from the previous one.

My husband stayed home sick from work today. At around 10:55am I start reading a blog post on the internet about escapes from Alcatraz. At approximately 11:05 I call my husband. In fact, the page about Alcatraz is still on my monitor. I am glancing at it several times during the beginning of our phone conversation. The usual chat occurs on the phone, "Hi Honey, how 'ya doin'", etc. He asks me, "What are you doin'?" I reply, "Oh, I'm in the middle of reading an article on the internet about these prisoners who escaped from Alcatraz." His voice gets excited, because he knows I love synchronicity. He says, "OOooooh, synchronicity!!" I reply, "What are you talking about?" My pulse quickens. I prepare myself for what he is about to say. "The t.v. is on right now and it's on the Discovery Times Channel. It's a show about the escapes from Alcatraz." My palms begin to sweat. I let him have it, "Don't tease me like that. It's not nice. You know how I get when stuff like this happens." He says, "I'm not teasing. It's really on."

Here is the article I was in the middle of reading when I decided to call my husband to ask him how he was feeling: http://www.damninteresting.com/?p=806#more-806

Here is the listing for the television show that was on during our conversation: http://times.discovery.com/tvlistings/episode.jsp?episode=3&cpi=30368&gid=0&channel=DTC

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