Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Dream Date February 21, 2007

I apologize for not posting anything intellectual, lately. All my mindless blabbering is done mostly on the newsgroups, now. Newsgroups present an opportunity to communicate better than blogs, I've noticed. You can have back-and-forth conversations, and many times they're thought-provoking. is a pretty cool hang-out. Alt.psychology as well. As with most places on the net, you may run into trolls. The best thing to do is ignore them. Although, it seems promising because I haven't run into any trolls in the past few months.

On to the dream....

I'm chosen from my dream high-school to be the lead singer in a musical show we are doing. I have to go to a store in the school to buy t-shirts to give and/or sell to all the crew and public, I'm not sure if it's buying or selling, all I know is I am acquring the shirts. I have to "design" the shirt, and I create it such that it is like a red and white tie-dye. The red isn't a perfect red, maybe more like a shade of rose. I also pick out red lettering. The red of the letters clashes with the rose red color of the dye spots.

I also go to a store that sells blank cassette tapes, as I have to make copies of the music we're doing in the show. I converse with the store employee over which is the best brand and price.

Later I go to a store that sells books. It is a high-school book store, so all the titles are for that age group. One book that I remember seeing is called "Doves". It's a book I created in my dream, nothing that is really sold, at least to my knowledge. The book cover looks like a package of bath soaps, with white doves on the wrapper.

I sing out loud while asleep or partially asleep, because I remember hearing myself singing the words to Madonna's song "Vogue." "Vogue, you got to just, let your body move to the music... Vogue.... you got to just, let your body go with the flow..." Then I recall being fully awake and worried that I had awakened my husband. (I wake my husband up all the time from my nightly dream chatter.)

I have noticed that this past week my dream recall has been improving. I hope it continues. I want to take a look at Dr. Stephen LaBerge's Lucidy Institute web page.

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