Wednesday, February 7, 2007

A Loving Embrace and Monkey Brains

I've spent hours today reading various articles on the internet. It happens sometimes that I do this. I get caught in the loop. One link leads to another, and before I know it I've spent a great deal of time reading from a computer monitor, resulting in a pounding headache. But, sometimes it can be so fascinating, because the internet really has a lot of knowledge.

I ran into this article today. Two skeletons unearthed in Rome, still in a loving embrace. You should read the article. And while you're at it, check out the slide show that is on the page. There are three photos of the couple.

The other article that I found noteworthy is about monkey brains. The author takes a scientific study's results a bit further and applies them to human behaviour. Read it and ask yourself how responsible you really are. Just be warned, there is some vulgar language in the article, for humor's sake, but I think it could have done without, although I do appreciate the light-heartedness.

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