Monday, February 19, 2007

Dream Date February 18, 2007

First dream:

My father is having a birthday party for me. At the party, I recognize two girls from my real past - one is named Melanie, the other is named Minn, though in reality her name was Brynn. As you see, the two names sound alike.

After the party, I'm watching videos online that my party guests have sent me via email. In one, a woman is saying, "I hope you enjoy your gift." What gift? I did not receive any gifts at all at the party. I ask my father where my gifts are, and he explains that since my party was held some time before my real birthday, he was holding on to the gifts to give me on my birthday. I am a little upset, because this means that everyone is probably wondering why I didn't say "thank you for the gift" at my party.

In another video, two guys are skiing. They are very tall, and dressed in skin-tight red outfits. I remember taking special note in the dream of how the red contrasted with the white of the snow.

Some time later in the dream, I'm staying the night at my father's and stepmother's. In the bedroom, I'm removing some of the clothes hangers from a hook on the wall. One of the hangers is a very special type of hanger, used for a certain purpose. I accidently break it. I wonder whether I should hide the broken hanger in the garbage can, or tell my stepmother that I have broken her special hanger.

Second dream:

I am using a hand-held pencil sharpener to sharpen a pencil. In a little box that I carry around with me, I have several other sharpeners. Someone needs one close-by, and I give them one.

Later in the dream, I am running late for class. I am not even at the school. I fly in the air as fast as I can to get to school. I am not able to fly as high as I need to, so I run into a stone wall. But, with almost supernatural ease, I climb the stone wall.

It is quite common that I have dreams of running late for class, or even missing complete classes, or sometimes not being able to find the classroom. These are high-anxiety dreams for me. I always wake-up feeling relieved, however, that in reality I am finished with college and have received good grades.

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