Monday, February 12, 2007

Eternal Embrace Couple to be Preserved and Studied Together, Not Separately

More news on the skeletal couple unearthed in Italy: Scientists and archeologists will remove the couple together, instead of removing them separately, or bone-by-bone.

It is interesting to note some of the theories that have developed surrounding this couple. One such theory is something I have thought about - that they were lovers taking their own lives, similar to Romeo and Juliet. Yes, a Stone-Age Romeo and Juliet. Other theories are interesting to read, and I invite you to check them out at However, since other skeletal remains were found in the surrounding area, I surmise that it is a burial ground, and that these two "lovers" were posed together during burial. I know that isn't as romantic as other possibilities, but perhaps it's the truth. We can only imagine, unless the archeologists come-up with a better theory.

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