Monday, September 17, 2007

My Little Hot Tub Frog

For about three weeks this small green frog with sticky feet keeps showing up in our hot tub. We have moved him away from the hot tub to other locations in our yard at least three times. He keeps finding his way back. Do frogs have some sort of tracking device or homing device in their brains? The first time we found him, D. put him in the grass in the yard. A week later we open the hot tub, and there he is again. The second time, I moved him to a tree at least 100 feet away from the house. Several days later we looked in the hot tub, and there he was... AGAIN! For the second time I picked him up and carried him to the tree in the farthest corner of our back yard. That was at least three days ago. This evening, we checked the hot tub, and there he was, sitting right by the control buttons. We've decided that moving him is futile, and that he really likes the hot tub. I've been worried that he'll fall into the water, but since he's been managing to stay out of it, I'll let him have the benefit of the doubt and he can keep his home. When D. and I next get in the hot tub I'll put him in a container until we're out, and then I'll put him back. The little frog has probably been frustrated with me - for moving him to what would seem like miles to him - to the tree. I have no idea how a tiny little frog can find his way back. This is quite a distance for a little guy! If I see him with a drink, cigar and girlfriend in the hot tub, I'm going to be very worried. (Note, he looks slightly brown in these photographs, but he is definitely green. No, he is not a toad!)


Joe said...

Keep turning the hot tub up and see if he decides to move!

goatman said...

This looks like a tree frog to me. Oddly enough we had tree frogs keep appearing in a stock tank of water I keep near the garage to catch rainwater. As the summer went on with no rain I noticed three of them in the half-full tank. Thinking they couldn't get out I floated a piece of wood in the water for them. Sure enough later, three frogs clinging to the wood. But then they would be gone for a few days; off to collect adventures. And back again later to discuss them.

I can't imagine, though, why yours would be attracted to a hot tub. Wonder if it was the water;and a big surprise if he had jumped in!

Sophia said...


As much as he seems to like heat, maybe I should turn it down! As they say, "Some like it hot."

I looked this evening and he was still there. I don't know what I'm going to do during winter. He should be hibernating, soon!

Sophia said...

By the way, did you know that frogs that are half-frozen during hibernation will thaw out and live?

And, while I'm on the subject, some toads will hibernate for three years.

Sophia said...


I'm glad you agree that it's a frog. I was having doubts today when I couldn't find him in Google. I was beginning to think that maybe he really is a toad.

I'm happy that you're another kindred spirit towards frogs. Placing the wood in the tank for them was so sweet and thoughtful! I wonder what sorts of adventures they went on.

I can't imagine why mine likes the hot tub, either. Very near the hot tub is a big pool with lots of cool water.

jim said...

I read a post somewhere awhile back were a large beetle was trying to stay in a hole people were digging out to pour concrete eventually. Not wanting to hurt the beetle while digging, the diggers would move the beetle out and over to the distant fence, they did this, it returned shortly and got back in the hole, then they repeated and this went on for days. The beetle never would take no for an answer, finally they poured the concrete at a time when the bug was removed. Stubborn creatures, some reason to it I am sure, what, who knows?

My next thought is that maybe this frog is a Prince? Does it look at you in any strange way?

lol, just a thought. Love to you Sophia.

Sophia said...


That is a charming story. I'm glad there are people out there who value even the lives of insects. Some would laugh at me for rescuing insects out of our swimming pool. Not only is it a rewarding feeling to do so, it is just common respect for the divinity in all things. And another thing, I know that if I was a bug, I'd sure want someone to do the same for me!

The frog story has a sad ending. My husband accidentally put the hot tub cover down upon my little friend. He was squished. I was very upset by it. I think I made my husband feel guilty about it. However, his karma was restored yesterday when he saved a turtle from a busy street. :)

Lots of Love to you, too, dearest Jim.

Hot tub frog man said...

Reminds me of the song "The cat came back the very next day...". Did he go eventually?

Glyn said...

Frogs keep turning up at ours at the minute - have to be careful not to tread on them walking up to the house.

LF said...

it's cute til you find one cooked from the heat and floating upside down in the middle of the hot tub. been there and it's not a pretty site

Retha Ison said...

Err... for some reasons, frogs are my kryptonite! I'll probably die screaming if one showed up while I'm on a hot tub. But I can't kill something as innocent as a frog that keeps coming back, so I'll probably move the hot tub or buy another and place it somewhere else.

Retha Ison

Anonymous said...

We have a little family of 5 foggiest in the hot tub right now. They're all fine and growing up. Eventually they move on and we'll get a new batch in the spring. You might want to watch or reaf meet the Robinsons for a humorous perspective on things froggy.