Sunday, July 1, 2007

To Someone Special

It makes you uncomfortable when I say you're my best friend.
You don't think you deserve the title.
You sit, still and quiet, patiently watching time.
I fidget and talk about everything from the sun rising to the birds' chirping.
Sometimes I think my constant chatter drives you to the brink of exhaustion,
And that is when you go into hiding.
Together we spend life, with me talking about the sun rising and the birds chirping, and you sitting quietly watching time.


jim said...

You are really writing well, you are really feeling open and you are communicating fine things. You are truly a special and gifted person.

Love and Peace to you Sophia, from this friend.

ask lucid said...

You know what Sophia lol that sounds lil like me and my husband. He considers me his best friend, and like wise... However our ideas on an interesting topic clash. I like to talk about all the wonders of the world, and what makes us tick... Meanwhile his topic of choice would be sports... The one thing we both love is nature and the animal planet.

Sometimes I feel my words fall on deaf ears especailly if I talk about the after life. For years I would not talk to him about this subject. I wonder if he is scared.

Keep chit chatting.... I do :)

Sophia said...

Hi Jim, I had a need to voice my emotions last night without coming right out and saying exactly what was on my mind. I guess it's just safer for me to be more cryptic about things, because then I am still keeping private things private, yet am still able to be somewhat open about them, if that makes sense. Prose is perfect for this.

I am a tool for the source, but I wish I was more sharp. Picasso and Shakespeare, Ansel Adams, too, were tools for the divine, tools for expression and so are you, and you've developed your ability quite finely. I, in the meantime, just sit back and admire and do what I can just to participate. But your compliments are so kind and do make me feel like my time spent writing was worthwhile. Thank you.

Love to you always, Jim. I wanted to tell you that I appreciate you greatly because your love is so open. You care about people and it shines through very brightly. You've always made me feel good, even when I at times was childish. Thank you for being strong and for being patient, wise and kind.

Sophia said...

Hi Lucid,

Spiritually, my husband and I are in two completely different worlds. I don't even bring the subject up around him hardly. I once tried to get him interested in spirituality and philosophy, but he said he had already awakened, back in the 70s, when he protested against nuclear power plants. I think as he's gotten older, life has given him a lot to be negative about, and I sometimes wish he would take interest in my pursuits, because then maybe some of his negativity would disappear.

This poem is about a good friend of mine. He doesn't read my blog anymore, so he won't see it, but I wanted to express it anyway. I could send it to him, but I'm just going to be happy with expressing it to those who have come here to read it, like you and some others. Thank you.

Mossy said...


I enjoyed this beautiful poem too.

Do you think that a soul can be "too simple"?

You do have a talent for creating beauty and simplicity. Not unlike Rumi.

Sophia said...

Hi Mossy, thank you. I do not think a soul can be too simple, because a soul is actually a very complex thing. It's so complex that we do not understand it. Yet, the way in which I try to express my own sometimes comes across over simplified. Maybe I need to start consulting a thesauraus, so that I can spice-up my writing.

Thank you for your compliments. They lifted my spirits this morning, when I was otherwise feeling a bit gloomy.

I hope you are doing well. How have you been feeling?

mossy said...

I was thinking that the soul must be simple in comparison to our false self because the false self makes up all kinds of crazy complicated stories to hide from the truth.

Your poem seems like truth, simple observation of what you see before you.

Thank you for asking about me.
I feel like I am doing well lately in many aspects of my life and I am glad to see that you seem to be doing the same.

Sophia said...

Hi Mossy,

Why do you think the false self wants to hide from the truth? Maybe it's afraid to lose its identity. Sometimes when I worry about losing my identity, I just try to imagine that in doing so, I'll become more than my identity could possibly ever be. Speaking about this just inspired my most recent post on my blog. It's about the drop and the ocean.

I like you, Mossy. It feels like we've known each other a long time, but I don't really even know who you are.