Friday, July 13, 2007


I think that the Diamond Approach, and books by A. H. Almaas, are things that I want to explore.

For my birthday last month, my mother got me a gift certificate to Amazon. I have been looking at books now for a month. I think I have narrowed it down to two books:

Diamond Heart, Book One: Elements of the Real in Man (The Diamond Heart Series , No 1) (Paperback) by A. H. Almaas

The New Hermetics: 21st Century Magick for Illumination and Power (Paperback)
by Jason Augustus Newcomb

The thing is, I also have shown some interest in these books:

Initiation into Hermetics (Paperback) by Franz Bardon

Energized Hypnosis: A Non-Book for Self Change (Paperback) by Christopher S. Hyatt

The Secret Teachings of All Ages (Reader's Edition) (Paperback) by Manly P. Hall

Seth Speaks: The Eternal Validity of the Soul (Roberts, Jane) (Paperback) by Jane Roberts

This is a hard decision to make, mostly because I don't have the time to read all of these books, even though I want to. If you've read any of these, and have anything to say about them, please do so.


Vincent said...

I think it is a very personal thing, Sophia. A book is meaningful to you if it is what you are ready for. My shelves are stuffed with books given to me by my eldest daughter at various times. She used to haunt charity shops in London in which there were all kinds of New Age/development types of books to be had cheap; and only gave me books which she had herself enjoyed. I can't think of a single one which meant anything to me. Books which I lent to her and her husband were similarly not appreciated.

Vincent said...

Sophie's World though was one I bought myself, from a charity shop which supports a hospice. But I haven't read it all through!

Mushtaq Ali said...

I've read most of A. H. Almaas' material and it has much to recommend it. He is at times a bit dry, but it is good solid material. In large part it is an attempt to present Sufi psychological material in a "western" friendly format. I suspect you would enjoy it.

Mark said...

The only one of these books that I know of is "Seth Speaks" that on is on my list. I have read some great reviews.I think this would a very valuable read.

jim said...

I haven't read them but they sound interesting Sophia, try and see, if you start and one grabs your attention, read it, don't worry tho if it doesn't offer you anything. I don't know where people who read everything get the time, I sure never had it.

Love and Peace to you my friend.

Anonymous said...

I had some luck last week
I found a copy of Surya Das'book
Called The Awakening Heart
It was lying among cheap romantic novels.
I had tried to read his first book
The Awakening Buddha, never finished it.
I wonder if he is enlightened at all;
I wonder if there is truth at all.
Well, at least there is light,
That's for sure and all we need.
Perhaps it depends on what you mean
By the word and whether anyone
Can live by his own words and ideas.
Man shall not live by bread alone
But by every word from God's mouth.
But how preposterous to say
That anyone can know God's word.
Never mind, it's just an idea.
Whether by oracle or by prophecy,
No one can be sure if it is true.
I mean that we have fallen short
Of the glory of God, whoever he is.
Saint or sinner, everyone is his child.
I don't care what Jesus or Paul said.
But so much for all that, Carnalito.
I saw this film again Blood in, Blood out;
It was bloody gory and full of sh_t.
But I love the Latin accent;
It was kinda pretty and funny.
I saw a comedy too of three presidents
And they are funny as well, p_ssy.
Just trying to be funny, I'm sorry.
Well, I'm just a human being
And so are presidents and you.
I found some little trees growing
Out of my garden tiles and well,
I made some bonsai out of them,
And hoped they'd live long enough.
I rescued some old wooden chairs
From the incinerator, I love company.
I took a good bath and recycled the water;
I used the bluish fluid to flush de WC.
I tried the cheapest brand of everything,
Trying to economize, I guess I'm cheap.
I had told a friend it's better
To live like a miser in a castle;
At least you won't die from the cold.
We eat too much and buy too many
Things we don't really need.
So what else did I do today?
Some people don't have time
To flirt but I do, thank you.
I keep bumping into an older woman,
Who seem to be doing the same,
Her girlfriend or daughter is pretty,
Tho I didn't have the time to ask.
Seems like everyone is busy,
They don't have time to be sexy.
But now I know why people think
I'm always high and horny
My eyes are half-closed
From dreaming while driving.
I'm almost celibate, you know.
Maybe it's time to celebrate;
What's got love to do with it.
Ok, that's the end of my story.
Just don't take it too seriously.

jim said...


Ivo said...

I've read Almaas' books since 1998 and a couple of years later I become a student in his school. I love his clear and scientific exposition of the soul. I interviewed him twice and I find myself to quote from his books frequently on my blog.

Sophia said...

Hi Vincent,

You're right; books are very personal things. I've had books picked out for me before that I didn't get into, so I don't know what makes this time any different. :) It's just so difficult to shop at because you only get to read a few pages of only a select number of books. It's like buying blind. I suppose I could run to the local Barnes and Noble store and look around, and if I find something I like, I can buy it on Amazon. Yes! That is what I will do. Thanks to you this idea has come to me.

Don't feel bad about not reading _Sophie's World_. I'm still only on page 120! I've had too many things come-up and I haven't been able to focus on it very well. I look forward to a relaxing night where I can spend at least an hour or two reading it.

Sophia said...

Mushtaq Ali,

Thanks for your input on these books. I am very interested in Sufi spirituality, so I am willing to bet I'd like the books if that is what they are based on. I will spend some time reading the previews on Amazon, and if I can't read enough of a preview, I'll go to Barnes and Noble and see if they have them so I can sit for a while in the coffee shop and read from them.

My soul is hungry!

Sophia said...


Do you mean it's on your list waiting to be read? If you read it before me, please let me know how it turns out, and I will do the same for you if I read it before you. Oh dear, there are so many books I want to read!

I had a friend in college who read the Seth books. At the time, I had no idea who or what Seth was. Now, the friend and I have long gone our separate ways, and I would love to explain to her that I know what it's about!

Sophia said...


Whichever book I finally make up my mind to buy and read, I'll tell you all about it! I know what it is I suffer from, and that's indecisiveness!

Love to you, too, Jim, much much love. :)

Sophia said...


How did you find such a beauty among romance novels? And anyway, what were you doing looking through romance novels? ;) I'm only teasing you, of course. You can read anything you like. Hey, those romance books obviously float some people's boats or they wouldn't be producing thousands of them a year. Where I work I see women walking around all over with them; they even read them as they're walking! I keep waiting for someone to trip or to run into something.

I still don't know what enlightenment is, or why I and others are so driven to find it. It may be a fruitless chase, always out of reach, a maddening chase through the bushes, and endless game of cat and mouse.

Do you know anyone that's enlightened?

I enjoyed your poetry/prose/stream-of-consciousness. It's a wonderful contribution to the comments, here, thank you. I like your openness and also your sense of humor. No one should take things too seriously, even though it seems like sometimes I do.

Good luck with your bonsais. :)

Sophia said...


Hello. I'm sorry it took me so long to respond to you and everyone else. Tonight I'm playing "catch-up". I love input from people, so much. I should improve on the speed it takes me to reply.

Sophia said...


Welcome aboard and thanks for your visit and comment. Where is his school and do you stay in a dorm while you are there? I'd love to go to a spiritual school and be in that type of environment for a lengthy period of time, but I wouldn't be able to because of my job. :( I'd even enjoy a good retreat or two. Just something that will allow me to connect with other people on a spiritual level.

I will go check out your blog and see what you have written about Almaas.

Ivo said...

Hi Sophia, thanks. You can find information on the Ridhwan school at and more info on Almaas' work on My interviews with Almaas are on
Depending on where it happens, the Ridhwan school is structured in 6 days residential workshops 3 times a yar or through weekends. Ciao, Ivo

Ivo said...

I realize now that the long link can't be displayed. Anyway just go to and click on "English articles" on the lower left side.

John said...

You can download Chapter 13 - Lighting Up the Now - from Almaas' new book - The Unfolding Now here -

Sophia said...

Ivo, thanks for the links. I'm sorry I'm just now responding but this comment of yours got lost in the bowels of my archives. :)

John, I'll check out the chapter. I never bought one of the books but maybe reading this will inspire me to do so.