Saturday, July 7, 2007

Looking for Love

In all the right places.

I love this little guy. I love his eyes, his ears, his smell, the birthmark on his nose, the way he steals my slippers and drags them out into the hall. I love the soft smooth top of his head, and the way my hand glides over it when I pet him. I love the way he comes to me when I'm sitting down, and puts his front paws on my legs, standing up to get attention. I love the way he showers my old dog Princess with joy, giving her love nibbles and playing rough-house with her, making her feel like a young dog again. I love the way his warm little body sleeps next to mine in the bed. I love how he runs around with a bone in his mouth, and how he pushes tennis balls around, playfully, like a cat. I love the way he sometimes can't make-up his mind if he wants to lift his leg or squat. I love how, when I return home from work, his whole body shakes as he wags his tail.

Thank you, Universe, for placing him in my path.

Simply put, I love Peabody.


Vincent said...

And you have illustrated the nature of love in your post. It sees every attribute of the beloved as lovable. Onlookers will say, "What does she see in him?" and so forth.

To entrust your love to a dog is a wise choice because it will be reciprocated!

Christi said...

If everyone could see that love and commitment even just once in their lives, this World would be a much happier place.

~ Christi

Sophia said...

Hi Vincent,

Now if only I can get him to stop chasing my cats! His first lesson in obedience is tonight. We will if he is good student material. :)

Sophia said...

Hi Christi,

There is no love like the love of an animal! They can try telling me that animals have no soul but I would be a strong opponent to that theory!

Anonymous said...

Today I bought three pairs of Walker jeans,
Size 33, hoping they still fit me next year.
I've been working hard and eating from cans
But at least I cook with onions and tomatoes
And eat lots of fruit, avoiding meat.
Two days ago I bought two dozen eggs
From the ethnic Turkish vendor;
Like me he's going on vacation
But he's probably going back to Turkey
To see his relatives and friends.
For me going to the supermarkets
Has become a need and a habit.
I make eye contact with the pretty girls
At the cash registers and they smile at me.
I give them my famous wink,
Without thinking about it;
It's something I grew up with,
Nothing sexual, just being friendly.
I wonder why only the pretty ones notice me
And the rest seems to be so busy,
Not bothering to look and be looked upon.
Maybe they don't expect any admirers.
Anyway, one middle-age woman tried
To hold my gaze longer than I expected.
And she's pretty all right
But what is she thinking of,
I have no idea or clue.
Yesterday I bought an inflatable chair;
I sank onto it and fell asleep;
I wonder why I don't have dreams.
There is this very handsome guy
That made me think of Dorian Gray;
I felt embarrassed just looking at him.
But no, my children are lovelier
And more exotic with long black hair.
Tonight I'm sleeping again
In the room full of pictures
Of men that look like hell's angels.
Next to the leather sofa
Is my son's black-and-white guitar;
He loves this loud music, you know.
The younger boy plays bass guitar.
Freya didn't even bark at me;
Elmo didn't bother to meow hello.
But no time for all that.
After the laundry, the ecstasy!
Bow, wow, meow!