Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Dream Date July 3, 2007 and Dreamku

I had a dream last night. It's the first dream I have remembered in a long time. My cousin, Sarah, threw a party for me. This was a memorable dream because I remember becoming all choked-up that someone loved me enough to throw a party for me. In real life, I have no contact with my cousins, or really anyone from my mother's side of the family. Also, it's not like I'm unloved. I am very easy to get along with. That is what many of my co-workers have told me. Maybe this dream is a metaphor for the love that exists in the universe.

It was my birthday
You threw a party for me
And made me feel loved


Vincent said...

Being easy to get along with does not guarantee you the love that you crave. The emotion you felt in the dream does not lie, Sophia!

Mark said...

You are loved, more than you will ever come to realize. The dream is a way of reminding you of this.

Sophia said...

Vincent, I told my husband this morning about my dream and it gave him a good laugh. He said, "Everybody loves you, so why are you having these oh-woe-is-me type dreams, where you're feeling sorry for yourself?" When I think about it, he's mostly right. I really don't know an enemy. There are some members of my family that I am estranged from, but on the whole, I am really a very lucky person. I am loved and taken care of. It could be, that a fear of mine, is that I'll lose that love someday, and that I'll be alone. I don't know, I'm just making a guess. I do know, however, that as loved as I am I do sometimes still seek more and more love. Could it be, that I am addicted to love? :) "You're gonna have to face it, you're addicted to love!"

Glad to see you again, Vincent. I hope you had a good night. I was going to wish you a Happy July 4th but I don't think you live in this country. Well, have a Happy July 4th anyway. Have a happy day every day. :)

Sophia said...

Hi Mark,

I try to remember this but it seems subconsciously at least I tend to forget. When I do, I start singing inside my head that famous Beatles song, "All you need is love! Love is all you need!" It cheers me up. If that doesn't work, then I just picture the yellow submarine in my head and I get a good laugh.

Sometimes I look around new blogs, exploring new people, and I run into people who flat out say they need love. I want to tell them, too, like you've reminded me, that they are loved, but I don't even know how I'm going to begin to explain it to them. Maybe when I get further on the path I'll have that ability to help others understand more of what I don't currently completely understand.

Ghetufool said...

love is a wonderful healer. it takes away your pain and provides you to forgive everything, everybody.

how i wish i have dreams like you.

Sophia said...

Hi Ghetufool,

You can have dreams. And to be honest, I could remember more of them if I worked harder at it. Have you ever kept a dream journal?

Ghetufool said...

nope. because i forget it when i wake up.

Sophia said...

Now I'm definitely going to have to practice what I preach, but they say that to remember your dreams, you need to train yourself to try to start to remember them the instant you wake up. I don't do this, and that's why I don't remember very many dreams. But, when I used to get in the habit, I could remember many dreams almost every morning. Getting in the habit of writing them down first thing in the morning is also a good habit to help you start to remember your dreams.

jim said...

You have always had very interesting dreams Sophia.

And you certainly are loved and cherished by me, a friend from the beginning, never to end.

rudi said...

Sophia said...

"I do know, however, that as loved as I am I do sometimes still seek more and more love. Could it be, that I am addicted to love?"

I suspect the diagnosis is even worse than that :-)

You are not merely 'addicted' to love, you are Love and nothing but Love. It's just that until this is fully realised, inwardly, you seek to compensate for the perceived lack of it, outwardly.

Sophia said...

Jim, you are a treasure!

Sometime I'd love to hear about one of your dreams, but you don't have to tell me. Some people keep them private. You are a beautifully complex person, and I'm sure you have complex dreams. I mean this in a good way. What I mean by complex, is that there is a lot about you.

Sophia said...


This does make it easier to understand. You said that I am Love. I've heard it said that "like attracts like". I, being love, attract more.

I wonder what the realization feels like? I can intellectualize it. I can think about it and try to understand it, but I wonder what it is like to finally know it? How does it feel? Is it overwhelming? Or does the day go by like any other day?

rudi said...

Sophia said...

"You said that I am Love. I've heard it said that "like attracts like". I, being love, attract more".

"Love is a magician - everything it touches turns into itself" (a Pamela Wilson quote). Unconditional Love, by its very nature, is universal, all-inclusive and limitless, and already knows everything as itself, i.e. knows that all is Love, i.e. knows that everything in the universe longs to recognise itself as Love. There can't be 'more Love', only more beings recognising themselves 'as Love'.

"I wonder what the realization feels like?"

Realisation is not a feeling. It may invoke certain feelings, but feelings come and go and are not the realisation itself. All feelings arise from Love, and are Love, but Love itself is not 'a' feeling (just as sunlight, although containing all the colours of the rainbow, doesn't have a colour of its own). One could perhaps say Love is 'pure feeling' (just as one could describe light as having 'pure colour').

"Or does the day go by like any other day?"

In realisation there is no 'time', only Eternity, Timelessness; and no 'other', only Oneness, Unity. In that arises the dream of life , with concepts of time and space, birth and death, me and other, right and wrong etc. Nothing is invoked, nothing matters and nothing is resisted. All is seen precisely for what it is, and is welcome to be exactly what it is, i.e. is Loved. Life just happens, and, in the absence of any resistance to what is happening, is experienced more intensely, forever new, fresh and perfect.

Realisation changes nothing; on the contrary - this is about realising that nothing changes, and nothing needs to change. Which is of course a radical 'change' from how we usually approach life, and in that sense realisation changes everything.

Sophia said...

Hi Rudi,

Thanks for your input.

How can a seeker or student know when they've recognized themselves as real Love, and aren't just intellectualizing it?

I believe I understand it, that I am Love and Light, and so is everyone else, and really every-thing else, as well. What I wonder, though, is am I realized in this or am I just parroting some idea? How will I or when will I know?

rudi said...

You (Sophia) will never know. You (Love) already know. The final surrender of 'Sophia' will be unmistakable, and leaves no room for doubt - see my comment under this post.