Thursday, July 5, 2007

One Plus One is One!

One and one does not two make,
But one and one make One!
This is the mathematics of the divine!
Use your heart to calculate and you too will see,
So come along and make One with me!


Chris said...
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Anonymous said...

Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. It's nice to be remembered.

There was an Indian saint who refused to learn mathematics....he said he wanted to learn the meaning of unity first!


Synchronicity Diva said...

Your poetry is beautiful, Sophia!

Straight from the soul...

Sophia said...

Hi Chris,

In doing regular mathematics, one should not drink wine. :)

Just teasing. What do you mean by 1+1 = 3? What is it a metaphor for, do you care to explain?

Sophia said...

Hi Rob,

You are definitely remembered, and by the looks of the most recent comments on your blog, there are more than just me thinking about you! You are well loved and remembered by everyone who came to care for you online. :)

This Indian saint you have mentioned seems to have gone about it all the right way. In unity, all math equals One! I can imagine, though, the responses I'd have received from my college professors had I gone on to answer this way on my tests!

Sophia said...

Chris, I think I get your meaning now. You are talking about baby-makings? :)

Sophia said...

Thank you Diva,

I feel the same way about your writing. It is nice to see someone coming to similar conclusions in their search.

Chris said...
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