Friday, July 13, 2007

Comments and More on Tibetan Mediums

First of all, I wanted to say that I'm caught-up on responses to comments. So, if you've been coming here to look to see if I've responded, and have been wondering where I've been, I believe all comments now have a response.

I promised I'd say more about the event I went to in which a Tibetan medium appeared. The venue was the Muhammad Ali center. It was my first time there. We went to a room on an upper floor level and was seated in the most uncomfortable chairs. My bum became so sore that we ended up leaving just a minute or two before the event ended. We were walking down the stairs as we heard the applause. Now I feel slightly guilty for leaving early because the event was put on as a fund raiser for the medium to raise enough money to start a monestary. I am sure at the end they tried to collect money. It was free to go, although I had to make reservations. Also, my mother ended up calling the day of the event and canceling her invitation. She said she had a scratchy throat and didn't feel like going. I was a little bit disappointed, because I really wanted her to experience this with me.

I already told you about Michael Fitzpatrick, the cellist who started the evening off with quite a performance. Directly afterwards, all the monks in attendance performed some chanting for the audience. Then, the medium, Thupten Ngodup, went on to explain how he became a medium. The Nechung Oracle was without a medium for three years, when suddenly he went into a trance during the Drepung Monastery’s annual offering ceremony to the Protector at Nechung Monastery in Dharamsala. The Dalai Lama and others advised him to sharpen his abilities, and the prayers of the Tibetans were answered when in 1987 he became the next medium of the Oracle.

He also discussed how as human beings, it is our responsibility to clean-up our act, because it is NOT too late to do something about the global warming issue. Out of all the sentient beings on the planet, we humans are solely responsible!

Briefly he went on to talk about how important mothers are to children.

He goes into trance about 15 times a year in order to advise the Dalai Lama and Tibet on political and other affairs.

I must add that during their talk, I was inspired to see if I was able to notice any halos or auras. So, I let my eyes go out of focus for a while, and sure enough I could see a white haze surrounding each of the monks. Quite fascinating!

If you would like to read more about this, visit the web page listed below:

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