Friday, July 6, 2007

Just A Few Short Videos

These are a few of the videos I watched today on YouTube. I thought it was worth placing them on my blog. Enjoy.

I am thinking about giving whirling a try. Ever since I've had a mystical experience or two, I seem to be on a one-track mind. I want more and more of them. Maybe it can be dangerously like a drug, but I don't see what could be wrong with becoming addicted to the divine. It looks possible that I could have a mystical experience if I give whirling a try.

Father Peter Bowes is someone I read on the Internet from time-to-time. He appears to be a cool guy, because although he is Christian, he seems open to other religions. He is, after all, a mystic, and there are mystical from all or most religions. Mysticism is about a personal experience with the Universe, or if you like, call it "God". Lately, I've been feeling more and more like calling it "God", but I usually don't like to label anything. It's why I wouldn't label myself as following any type of religion, although I will admit that it might be comforting to say I belong somewhere.

If you'd like to read more of Father Bowes's writings, visit his blog at


Christi said...

I very much like the idea of whirling. One must wonder if this is why children, being more finely tuned than adults, (in my opinion) will often spin themselves silly just because it feels good.

Goddess knows it's been far too long since I've spun myself to oblivion in the backyard. Maybe it's time to remedy that...

Sophia said...

I went to your blog today and was reminded of your affinity towards whirling, thanks to the header on your blog!

I am hoping to try this in a private location. Unfortunately I still worry too much about what my neighbors might think of me, but I shouldn't. But the only suitable place I know of where I can do this would be in my driveway or out in the cul-de-sac in front of the house.

I really like what the speaker said about finding the center that does not move.

Do you have a nice tall privacy fence in your backyard or are you just a free spirit who could care less about the opinions of neighbors? If you are, I envy you. :)

By the way, I think children are more finely tuned, too. They haven't the additional societal static added to their reception like most adults.

Vincent said...

If you get addicted to the divine, Sophie (may I call you that in honour of the character in Sophie's World?) I think the world will remain perfectly safe.

However the intoxication of the divine, or shall I say inner inspirations and hearing voices and religious mania of one kind or another, are the most dangerous things going on in the world at present. Because it leads a person to think he's right. And if she thinks she's right, she's beyond the reach of common sense and ordinary humanity.

I have no remedy to suggest. And I don't feel your mystical experiences will plunge the world into chaos!

Sophia said...

Vincent, you're right, it is safe for me to become addicted in this way. I'm not really hurting anyone, although I do admit that since my obsession began I have become absentminded in my every day life. I am also now very forgetful and disorganized, much to my husband's dismay! He still sometimes fusses about my disorganization, although he's gotten mostly used to my absentmindedness. In fact, he often teases me about it, now, stating that I should have become a professor as a career!