Sunday, June 27, 2010


No cavities.
hahaha :)


Cold As Heaven said...

Yeah, you've been a good girl and brushed your teeth thoroughly >:)

Cold As Heaven

Sophia said...

My dentist is always proud of me. :) I've been seeing him since I was a kid.

Guru Kurt said...

In "Summer Stock," Judy Garland sings a delightful song about farming, which is the support of civilization, and at the end the camera seems to zoom in on her tonsils, that she displays unselfconsciously. I suppose this is mainly what the world saw of her, a mouth open in song. They couldn’t stand her otherwise.

If I say the world hated Judy, I mean they hated her in personal interaction, although her singing distracted their senses for a time.

Anyway, the advice on tooth brushing remains inadequate, as it is not impressed sufficiently on youth that if they fail to brush regularly, as they get older they may face many painful tooth problems, including constant pain when eating acidic or cold foods. The science of dentistry has also not sufficiently addressed this issue, that too little brushing brings cavities, but too much brushing brings receding gums. How much brushing is “just right”? No one can tell you today.

Sophia said...

Hi Guru Kurt - I guess I should say that even though I don't have any cavities, my dentist tells me I brush too hard and too long, and it has affected my gums a little bit. He's always giving me these special toothbrushes to help protect my gums. I've always brushed longer than most people, but no matter how hard I try I can't make myself shorten the amount of time I brush because it feels incomplete to me. I only stop brushing when I know that every little nook and cranny in my mouth has been cleaned, including brushing my tongue and my lips.

(I also take showers long enough to run all the hot water out of the water heater.... bad habit especially when someone else wants to take a hot shower right after me.)

Guru Kurt said...

That's what I'm saying about a weakness in dental science, he should be able to give you a pamphlet or show you a video that would explain the exact way to brush so as to clean completely but not affect the gums negatively. They don't really know that, yet, so all your dentist says is, "You're brushing too hard." I'm currently using a Braun electric, but they don't know the long-term effects on gums from this either.