Friday, June 25, 2010

A Break from Flight

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Guru Kurt said...

The spiritual aspirants of this world appear to be driven by a longing to know their purpose, but my complaint against them is that they do not suffer enough or deeply. If you have that deep soul-shuddering existential angst, it makes the approach of a true authority very easy, because you will admit there are things that you do not know, and states you have not attained, in a personal encounter with a great one. Instead the world’s spiritual scene is a foul one, with the aspirants gathering by gurus for the sake of vicarious domination, rejoicing to be seen as associated with a popular figure, or hoping to take his place. That deep existential angst is absent, as they further rejoice in being newly out of the animal bodies which have constrained them for the first portion of this solar cycle, confusing the human condition itself as a form of “enlightenment” by comparison with what they have known so recently. If ever there were two women who knew sorrow, it was Gail Russell and Judy Garland. These two went unto death in meekness and silence, having displayed worshipable qualities, but experiencing rejection.

I have recently been musing that there is little need for Jesus to come and reveal His Presence, because Judy and Gail revealed the feminine portion of God, and received the only answer that the egos could give, violence. If they haven’t responded to Gail or Judy, how then could they ever respond to the Lord? These angels displayed character traits away from the male/female dynamic, having been drawn away by God Himself as their lover. Their changes, their differences, and their elevation, are from one source, frequent God-contact, in an intimate sense. I wish I had reflected about this in youth, for it might have prevented severe anguish and trial; but I endured greater sorrow than those I love.