Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Aerosmith - I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing

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Guru Kurt said...

I do not like this song, because it smacks of private desire and pairwise thinking. Also, a man is not justified before God because he reached out to a woman. Ramakrishna indicted the women as temptresses who could lead a man astray from the primary quest, which is spiritual awakening.

There is a deep beauty in watching your beloved as she sleeps, but this should be expressed without any hint of stealing her away from society for your private enjoyment. Romance has both private and public elements. You should not enter it for grabbing or for competition against the others. Its value is not derived by comparison with what the others are missing. If it is a righteous love, it enters your social context harmoniously, something for you to rejoice over, and for them to feel happy about as well.

In this song, by contrast, he cuts away society from his so-called love, mainly whining about his private sense satisfactions. The song is therefore not holistic, and obviously of the ego.

It's tough to go into detail about this, with the savages screaming all around me. In the song he whines, "I don't want to miss a thing," and in this mental motion he cuts away the others in society, which is a sign of fragmentation. You can see he follows desire, what is coming in to his sense experience, to which he is selfishly attached.

To give a short synopsis of the higher view, there is a balance between appreciating the attributes of the beloved, and ensuring that you remain appealing to him or her. Romance consists in continually giving reasons in objectivity for the romance to continue to build in heat and intensity. You don't drop that obligation and say, "Oh, it's all coming in to me now." As soon as you do that, you are no longer lovable! That's egoic, a manifest weakness leaning on the senses.