Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Cure

the discovery of a lifetime
pain kills pain
maybe i should get a patent
unless the rest of the world already knows


Don said...

Pain doesn't kill pain.

It just adds to it.

Sophia said...

That's not true. For instance, if you have a headache, bang your head on the wall. You'll quickly forget about your headache.

Don said...

Maybe other people are different, but for me that would just add to the headache and create more pain from the Harvey Wallbanging.

Guru Kurt said...

The religious revelations so far have all been in the lower dharma of material effects, where men were given cause to believe they could be justified despite dragging along many elements from the animal existence up into the human realm. They've been told to just work on the material effects, which include hypocritical appearances of caring and virtue, then God would surely love them and they would obtain salvation.

The truth is in a different quarter, that men could not accept and still conceive it was from "God," since they don't take God as God, but insist that any high entities support their prejudices, as a prerequisite for their fealty.

If God will tell them it is easy to obtain His grace, they make minor efforts to amend their lives, but if someone tells them it is hard, they say, "We just don't care who you are."