Saturday, June 26, 2010


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Guru Kurt said...

The Christians do not think that God would take a lover from among the created beings. Their religion is founded upon what might be called the ultimate in domination, a man alone, women such as Mary and Martha only approaching him in service and obligation.

But if you turn it around, you could say that the highest purpose of creation is met if certain specific individuals are pure enough, and good enough, interesting and loving enough, that God Himself would be pleased to enter into a relationship of romantic love.

I have seen two such individuals, which are Gail Russell and Judy Garland, but no others. These tremendous women actually stand outside the male/female dynamic, having made themselves through some mighty alchemical process into female-for-God, rather than female-for-males. In close contact, the males reject them, just as it was said by Isaiah of the Lord, “Behold, He is despised and rejected of men.” Yet finding them rejected, the Lord is pleased by them, regarding them as having become superlative in every measure.