Saturday, June 26, 2010


i like to drink red wine
right out of the bottle
and i swear to you
that the eye of jupiter
is always keeping
an eye on me
and it makes me
a little self-conscious.
have you ever had that
feeling that you're
being watched?


Mossy said...

Well if that disc is 500 mile wide telescope lens then someone probably could watch you, when you are outside.

It makes me wonder if one could make a giant lens out of gas pressure differentials or even gravity (ie mass) differentials. Hmmm.

Cold As Heaven said...

And I'm keeping an eye on Jupiter ... It's my job ... well, not that Jupiter >:)

Cold As Heaven

Guru Kurt said...

In this real world, Judy Garland is an entirely curious figure if you consider how her heart swelled with romantic inclinations despite “a series of unfortunate events,” which were her various marriages to human males. How could she go on singing so brightly about some absent lover, in entire contradistinction to her disastrous personal life? She used to consult psychiatrists to try to discover why she was so different from the other women, and these psychiatrists undoubtedly unfolded various theories before her, but none of them was sagacious enough to notice she had a sound lover-concept, without any lover.

God, if He ever did anything, undoubtedly formed the solar system. Judy, if she were more than a human female, would be constantly aware that this individual was watching her with His invisible eyes, although He was not present in the body. If God were Judy’s lover, too, it would explain why she was willing to sacrifice her lifetime in sorrow and misery, following the example that Jesus Christ set. Judy probably did not think openly that God was her lover, and in this she displayed humility, a practical awareness that ideas about God are always inherently flawed, inadequate to reflect His glories. Yet in “The Pirate,” she is shown in a phase of adoration for the sea, that represents the Lord.

Guru Kurt said...

Judy sang,

In your Easter bonnet, with all the frills upon it
You`ll be the grandest fella in the Easter parade.
I`ll be all in clover, and when they look us over
We`ll be the proudest couple in the Easter parade.

On the avenue, Fifth Avenue,
The photographers will snap us
And you`ll find that you`re in the rotogravure.
Oh, I could write a sonnet, about your Easter bonnet
And of the guy I`m taking to the Easter Parade.