Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Light Through the Clouds

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Guru Kurt said...

The point about slaying a dragon, would have to be about slaying the forms of violence. In other words, it means slaying the potential for slaying. In this the realms of action are insufficient, the forms of thought must also be nonviolent. But, it is also not enough simply to renounce violence, because renunciation of itself is cold. Mental domination is also violence. If it is renounced, still the mental faculties lack power and logic, to establish a new realm where the potential for violence, or even forcefulness in discourse if there is no objective reason behind it, is vanquished. This is the fatal flaw of the ego, to take force before reason, as it lacks power to face realities. Every time this false road is taken you see the dragon, and to slay this dragon and win the princess you’d better ask yourself who is this princess, and why is she worth having? For sadhus the princess may represent the Atman or true Self. But I’d say she could also be Judy Garland or Gail Russell, who show forth the feminine divine in its uttermost. These stunning female figures can serve as personifications of the Divine Mother, entirely worthy of meditation.