Monday, November 17, 2008


I've been listening to various Tuvan throat singing music for over an hour, now. I lost myself, even saw a vivid vision of a horse.

This feels like an important discovery to me.


Christi said...

Let's try this again...

I find it interesting that your vision was that of a horse as most adolescent girl have horse fascination.

I read a psychology paper a few years ago that said it was due to the girl having a pseudosexual relationship with the animal and putting her into the caregiver role of a creature far more powerful than her self.

Food for thought, thought from food. *g*

With hope,
~ Chris

PS - Please excuse typos, I'm doing this onehanded while a little munchkin is trying to sleep.

Dave said...

A soothing sound that one can get lost in.

Thank You

Don said...


Physicist Richard Feynman had a lifelong obsession with Tannu Tuva, having heard when he was young that it's one of the last remote primitive areas on the globe, and he spent a lot of effort trying to get there, by cultural exchange and so forth. There were PBS Novas on it.

donstockbauer *attt*