Tuesday, November 25, 2008

School for the Enlightened

I do not know how an enlightened person is supposed to behave.

I guess the best an enlightened person can do is to be natural. Any forced change in personality is like putting on yet another mask.

An enlightened person can continue to improve themselves, though.

I do not think "enlightened" means "perfect".

Enlightened people still go to Life's school. Maybe they just advanced to a new grade.


Don said...

Probably an enlightened person is very knowledgeable about his/her current culture, and constantly learns from all his/her new experiences in order to stay constantly enlightened.

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Anonymous said...

What is behaviour compared to being?

klaus s said...

there's an old zen saying:
before enlightenment i saw the mountains,trees, sky and clouds.
after enlightenment i saw the mountians,trees, sky and clouds.

nothing has changed,yet everything has changed.

mossy is right: just be.

Siegfried said...

There are no enlightened persons. Only light and darkness.

Anonymous said...

One can use behavior to bring about being.

This usually means doing things in a different way than you would normally(mechanically)do them.

This brings self awareness.

For example you could read this with both feet flat on the ground.

Anonymous said...

Please define enlightenment in terms of what it is you personally are seeking.

Sophia said...


You are absolutely right. It's easy to become so lost in spiritual contemplation that one can forget about one's surroundings, and therefore ceases to learn about the seemingly mundane.

I occasionally try to read science articles on the Internet, but when it comes to current events I'm clueless. I sometimes wonder if I avoid current events on purpose because of all the negativity in the news.

Sophia said...


We are all beings of being that behave one way or another. I'd like to give a good name to what I represent.

Sophia said...


It is similar to a Zen proverb I have heard before: "Before enlightenment, chop wood carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood carry water."

I just have this feeling that I'm supposed to be a better person.

Sophia said...


Care to elaborate?

Sophia said...


I could be wrong, but I think I've found part of what it was I was seeking, that is, a knowing of who we are.

Now there is more to learn and more to see with this new sight; a new understanding.

Don said...


I didn't mean current news events as much as first hand experiences, that is, an enlightened person continues to modify their outlook and behavior based of what is happening to them in the present, not just what has happened in the past.

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Siegfried said...

The Age of Enlightenment is long gone. We are now in the Age of Internet. More advanced. ;)
No more enlightened people. Only online and offline people.

klaus s said...

God is The internet.

Sophia said...

"God is the Internet"


This statement actually has a lot of significance to me.

The Internet has allowed me to see more of the world, and therefore to see more of God so that I may better understand myself and others.