Saturday, November 15, 2008


An old friend of mine once turned me on to Waterbone.

"“August Moon,” includes a Nepali woman singing, who is “balanced” by a male Tibetan folk singer, making this track “one of the few pieces to combine this cross-cultural artistry.” The track uses electric beats and instrumentation. Notes say they thought the tracks wouldn’t be usable because the Nepali woman wouldn’t look the two American males in the eye."

The composers "“slowly found their way through the clouds, lifted their arms to the heavens and pulled down a symphony infused with the crystal chants of monks, the jubilant choruses of Nepali and Tibetan children singing their traditional hymns, and the honks and thumps of indigenous horns, drums, and flutes. The music here is the result of weeks interacting and recording the harmonic heartbeat of a place of pristine holiness and simple pleasures; the archway to the Himalayas.”"

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