Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Another Poor Man's/Woman's Philanthropy Idea

I've been saving Coke rewards lids and have been entering them into my account on their website. I saw today that points can be donated to Toys for Tots. So, if you drink any Coke, look for the bottles with the red lids or boxes of cans with the points on them. You can enter these online at the Coke rewards web page. If you don't feel like typing all of them in, you can send the lids to me in the mail and I'll enter them here.

If you want to do it on your own and need help getting started, let me know and I can help show you where to go on their site to donate your points.


Mark said...

This is a great idea, hats off to Coke for doing this and to you for spreading the news, thanks.

Sophia said...

Thank you, Mark.

It seems it is just a seasonal thing for the holidays, but I think it would really be nice if Coke would give us more opportunities to put our points to good use throughout the rest of the year. Maybe they do and I'm just not aware of it, but for now the only charity I could find in the Coke rewards program was this one. They picked a good one, though. It gives me warmth to imagine a child benefiting from this.