Sunday, November 2, 2008

Host to the Host

Last night I felt a presence.

To look for it with these eyes and yet realize that it is what is looking through these eyes is indeed a marvelous epiphany.

It is the air that is breathed and the lungs which breathe it.


Siegfried said...

Presence is just a thought.
Feeling the presence is separation from it. One is not separate.
It is. Nothing else.

Sophia said...

At the time it seemed like it was a feeling. Is there no difference between thought and feeling?

My big toe is not separate from me yet I feel its presence.

Siegfried said...

Thought and feeling are one not two. But we we think they are separate.
If you think so then the toe is not separate. You separate it by calling it toe. You separate it from what is not-toe. A toe cannot stand alone.
Just thinking.

Don said...

Suppose I mentally add up 12 and 14. Thought occurs, but no feeling, that is, the thoughts don't make me hurt or feel sad, etc.

donstockbauer *att*

Anonymous said...

I feel my connection to some mysterious presence in various ways. Sometimes it is like someone, a friend, is in the room, and sometimes just the awareness of the possibility of a divine intelligence is enough to connect me and warm my heart. Sometimes I hear the wind chimes play a beautiful melody at just the right time and I know.

I think that the doorway is my own attempts at self awareness and also the willingness to accept it, whatever it is. I think that to call it God prohibits it(in my mind) from being a simple friend with plenty of time to spend with me.

Of course most of the time I am just lost in my thoughts about what other people think about me.

Thank you for sharing your experience.

Anonymous said...

Much Silence.

Don said...

Now we're worried about where you are, Sophia.

Dave said...

A wonderful Zen moment.

Wilberforce said...

Zen bones, Zen bones, Zen dry bones...

Sophia said...


I can see what you're saying now. :)

Sophia said...


Maybe you should ask some other people who think it hurts to do a little bit of math! ;)

Sophia said...

Hi Mossy,

Using words to describe this is not easy. It wasn't so much that I felt a presence in the room, I felt a presence inside myself. I don't know if "presence" is a good word. I was the presence! All I know is something just dawned on me and it was a new feeling. It's not there all the time and sometimes I can feel disconnected.

I remember you once wrote about the deer appearing at just the right time.

P.S. From a very young age I had always worried about what other people thought about me. Sometimes I still do. And as "strange" as I know I am, people are bound to think things about me. We can't help that but we can help by thinking good things about our-Self.

Sophia said...

Maybe I should read _Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenence_.

I had first heard of that book in college in one of my religion classes. At the time I thought, "A book on motorcycle maintenence? How boring!" I have never read the book but something tells me it's about living Zen even in the most mundane moments.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the book. I thought that it was about the disease of thought. But it is in the form of a story about a man and his son traveling across the country on a motorcycle. You should try to read it.

Describing higher experiences is so ironic because the person who has a higher state is not the same person he was when he had a normal state, and the "normal" person is, by his description, doing his best to kill the other.

It is not whether or not people think about us or even whether or not we care. What matters is that we are lost in imagination so much of the time that we are rarely aware of anything.

Sophia said...


What do you think about being aware that one is imagining as one is imagining?

Anonymous said...


One can be aware of intentional imagining. For example when one plans a trip one might imagine driving the route before actually doing it, but this is rare compared to day-dream imagination which is almost constant.