Saturday, November 22, 2008

Dream Date November 22, 2008

I was laying unclothed and on my back on white sheets in a bed. There was a man laying unclothed on his back on top of me. On top of him was an unclothed baby laying on its back. We were all entangled in white sheets. There was a sense of purity. In my head I started to feel as if something or someone was coming. I was saying, in my head, "Something is coming, something IS COMING," and then in real life the phone rang and awakened me.


klaus s said...

you may want to take a look at paintings by alex gray if you haven't

just google alex gray.

let me know your thoughts,emotions,
feelings,physical reactions to his

Sophia said...

I have seen Alex Grey's work, before. He is a "visionary" artist that I greatly admire, for producing works that affect me in ways I find difficult to describe with words. His art is that of a mystic, in which the observer and observed are the same. A few of his pieces cause me to vibrate. For instance, this one in particular: I don't know how to describe the vibrations. It's not my physical body that vibrates. It is a type of stimulation, a type of inner sense.

Siegfried said...

The universe is one big Baby Machine. Love-making is theoretically baby-making. Gene-mixing to make a better baby.
You're beginning to see things as they are.
A baby IS COMING. Happily. Hopefully.
It could be the second coming. ;)

Siegfried said...

Good sign! You're almost there.
He's coming!

Siegfried said...

But love is more than that.

klaus s said...

jung said whenever you dream look to your self first. every person in the dream is an aspect of your Self(with a capital S ).

the man is the male aspect of your self, the woman the female aspect,
they have come together and created the baby; a new aspect of your Self.

since the baby is above the man and woman this is a new creation of your Self which has been uncovered(made known) to you.

and as with any baby you need to
nuture and help this new life grow.

perhaps that's why you feel at peace today.

Sophia said...


It is so amazing that you can see this in my dream.

Do you think that, when I thought to myself that someone or something was coming, it was a fully grown me that is coming?

Isn't the Self everything? Not just me? I feel like I know things, but I don't really know terminology.

Thank you for the dream explanation.

Sophia said...


I think you look like one of the guitarists from Uriah Heep. It's the guy with the long hair and tall silver boots.

I've only seen two pictures of you in the four years I've known you. Do you think there is a similarity?


I see Roger Dean painted some of their album covers. He also did covers for YES.

Anyway, I just wanted to check out the band you seem to have liked recently. I had never heard of them until you brought them up. They're not big in the U.S. but I see they were in the Netherlands.

Siegfried said...

Are you sure?
Appearances can be deceiving.

Sophia said...

Maybe you just have one of those Universal Faces.