Friday, July 18, 2008

Fall Down? Get Back Up!

A friend sent me a book in the mail. I opened it tonight to a random page. This is what I read:

"Once the exaltation has lapsed, I am reduced to the simplest philosophy; that of endurance (the natural dimension of real fatigues). I suffer without adjustment, I persist without intensity; always bewildered, never discouraged; I am a Daruma doll, a legless toy endlessly poked and pushed, but finally regaining its balance, assured by an inner balancing pin (But what is my balancing pin? The force of love?). This is what we are told by a folk poem which accompanies these Japanese dolls:

Such is life
Falling over seven times
And getting up eight."

~Roland Barthes, _A Lover's Discourse: Fragments_


jim said...

Life is a job, love it!

Sophia said...

Hi Jim,

I put my Internet addiction on display when I'm around to immediately respond to a comment. :)

I thought the example of the Daruma doll was perfect for the point the fragment wanted to make.

There are so many lovely fragments in this book that I'd love to put on my blog. But of course if I were to do so I'd probably end-up in jail for copyright infringement!

Sophia said...

Just wondering if you're enjoying some wine tonight.

I'm splurging myself, tonight. Cheap wine coolers. I had forgotten how nice cheap alcohol makes me feel. Though I'll probably regret it in the morning!

Alexander M Zoltai said...

Totally Awesome!

You made my Month!!

Bless you!!!

~ Alex

Sophia said...

Hi Alex,

You said I was hard to follow lately so maybe this post makes more sense.

I've been told that I've made people's days before, but never have I been told that I've made someone's month! THAT is sweet. :)

Siegfried said...

Such is life
Falling over seven times
And getting up eight."


Siegfried said...

I had lots of success!
Except with you. Some bugs. But I won't run away this time. ;>)

Sophia said...

Still practicing Aikido?

I remember the video you had on your blog, but I couldn't see your face.

What kind of success did you not have with me? And what bugs were there?

You have no reason to run away.

Siegfried said...

Still practicing. On my own. I reduced the video resolution.
I must be imagining things. Especially after all the things I read. The things you talked about. Kind of scary. I overreacted, I guess.
You actually sounded a bit masculine. Sort of. I guess we are all like that. A bit like this. A bit like that.

Sophia said...

I was just playing a game, making up another vignette. Sometimes I get too carried away.

Sorry if I frightened you.

I might sound masculine sometimes because I have a masculine side, just as you have a feminine side. That and I may tend to pick up masculine behaviors in my online speech by talking to people with great influence.