Saturday, July 5, 2008

Dream Date July 5, 2008

First Dream:

I lay my head and fingers upon some "sonic waves" that are emanating from a spiritual teacher so that I can absorb some of them. The man was dressed in white garb, perhaps a robe. I believe he was Muslim, as the building I was looking at beforehand had a sign that said something about "Allah".

Second Dream:

I am running around in a mall trying to get safely away from zombies. I make it to the glass doors and see the sun shining brightly through them. I feel as if I have almost made it to safety, when a zombie of a black boy runs in front of me. I manage to run away from him and make it outside into the sunlight, but there are zombies out there, too.

Third Dream:

I am standing in front of a pregnant mother. Her first child is crawling around on the floor, but is horribly growth-stunted. I think to myself that judging by the size and shape of the mouth, the child should really be much larger. I know the mother has neglected the child, and that it is malnourished. I think that it is sad she's about to have a second child that will also be as neglected as the first child.


Siegfried said...

1st dream: You're trying to catch some spiritual magnetism from dominant males.

2nd dream: You live in a zombie world. It's time to escape. Or wake up.

3rd dream: Tears of the world keep falling... Uriah Heep song.

Sophia said...


I like your interpretations, especially for the first dream.

I've been having slight yearnings to hop back on the spiritual journey, so I'm thinking this dream is a hint to become spiritual again.

Anonymous said...

Hey Sophia, Karl T here. I have been neglecting my blog as usual, but I do appreciate you keeping it on your blog roll! Thanks. I have to say this: when it comes to the weirdness of it all, the mysteriousness of it etc, I think we humans would like to evoke it rather than explain it. We are not about understanding it, we're about expressing it. Seriously, I think this is what it's all about. Also, I am certain you do this with your intergalactic art! I'm not trying to bullshit you when I say that. Best wishes, Karl.

Sophia said...


It's so nice to hear from you. It had been so long since we last wrote. Is your email address the same as it was a couple years ago? I was thinking about writing in order to prod you into writing more. Your posts don't show dates so I never know how long ago it was that you posted. Also, you don't allow comments so I have to keep my lips sealed!

I think it's the problem-solver in me that makes me appreciate mystery so much. The only problem is, if I can't solve a problem I end up obsessing on it, which drives me bonkers sometimes.

Glad to know you're still checking out my art. I'm sorry I didn't respond to your comment there. I have neglected that blog off and on.

Keep in touch, will ya?