Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Electromagnetism - Synchronicity Journal July 1, 2008

Synchronicities are happening again. I feel that the Universe is trying to tell me something, or is leading me in the direction towards something very important or meaningful to me, only I don't know what it is. I'm having difficulties decoding the messages.

This morning, I was trying to compose another vignette in my mind. It had to do with two people who were like atoms attracted to each other, electricity and magnetism surging through their extremeties, pulling them together to form a molecule.

Later today, in discussion on the mensa newsgroup, people were talking about "TOE". I wasn't sure what that stood for. I mistakenly assumed it meant the theory of existence, but someone kindly corrected me by pointing me to the Wikipedia article on "The Theory of Everything". In reading the article, I came across a mentioning of the discovery of the connection between electricity and magnetism.

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