Thursday, July 3, 2008

Dream Date July 3, 2008

The Man and I were at an amusement park riding rides together. I liked to look over at him and see him smile.

Later, we were sitting on the side of a country road in an open vehicle, perhaps it was a convertible, but the openness added to our vulnerability of the environment. Suddenly, over the top of the hill in the road a large bull started to run towards us. I was scared that it would run over us, but luckily it just barely passed us by. After it passed by, I started the vehicle and turned into a driveway so that if a herd of bulls came running down the road, we'd be safely out of the way.

I call him "The Man", because he's been in other dreams I've had in the past. He has grey hair, penetrating eyes and a kind smile. I have a deep affection for him, and I feel safe and loved when I am around him.


Siegfried said...

Here you seem to be playing the dominant role. Protecting "the Man", a kind old man, from the bulls or bullies.

Sophia said...

I might need integration.

The Man might have been my masculine self. Part of me may have been trying to protect him.

Or else he is one of my soul mates.

"Bullies" - very GOOD Siegried, that you caught on to this symbolism. I hadn't noticed that.