Thursday, September 11, 2008

Dream Date September 11, 2008

First dream:

In waking life I've been meditating almost every night, based on a meditation that was taught to me by Daniel. One of the things I began to notice about this meditation was that I starting seeing imagery of faces flash before my mind's eye. It's only happened a few times but I never mentioned it to my Teacher. In the dream, I received an email from him that told me one of the points of the meditation was to see faces. Reading this, I became excited because I hadn't yet told him about the faces I was seeing.

Second dream:

I'm sitting on a couch, barefooted. I look at my feet on the floor and see frogs everywhere. I lift up my feet and see that there are squished dead frogs on the soles. I begin to panic because there is nowhere for me to put my feet, and everywhere I put them are more and more frogs. I also start to see another type of amphibian; there's nothing like it that I know of in real life, though I'd say it resembles a very large tadpole with legs. These new amphibians are larger than the frogs and hence would produce more ooze should I step on them. This was a very slimy dream!

Note on the first dream: I am curious about the faces I've been seeing, so I did a Google search and found a short article someone wrote on their blog about "psychic faces".

Note on second dream: There have been tree frogs showing up on the cover to our hot tub. Last year, a tree frog kept showing up on the cover and I kept picking it up and walking it all the way to the back of our yard to place it on a tree. He showed up three times after I kept moving him and I was just tickled that this little frog hopped back all the way across the yard to stay in or on our hot tub. Finally we just decided to let him stick around. In the end, it was a bad choice, because my husband accidentally put the cover down on him. The next day, I lifted the cover to find him there, squished. I was very unhappy about seeing my "friend" there, dead. Here are photos of him (or her): I have taken photos of some of the frogs that have showed up this year: and


Lisa said...

Hi there, I saw that you had linked to my post about psychic faces. I am glad that you found it interesting. When you are on a spiritual journey there is so much happening that sometimes it it hard to keep up. I am glad to hear that you have found your teacher. But remember we may have many teachers in 'this' lifetime. Each one to help advance us to a different level. Very rarely is one teacher for all time. I love you blog and look forward to reading future posts. Bad luck with the chiggers - I had never heard of them before (to cold in the UK for most little critters). Lucky you explained what they were in a previous comment, or else I would have been left wondering.

Love and Light,

Sophia said...


Thank you for stopping by. I was very relieved to find the post you made about the faces. I thought I was the only one to experience it. I had imagined it was only a fluke, but now the experience has more meaning now that I know I'm not the only one.

Lisa said...

You are more than welcome. I've been having a look through your posts and you sure seem to be getting a battering on your own blog - I'd moderate them.

There is an article on my site that you may be interested in, Ego (it will help you understand why others act the way they do). There are many people more 'enlightened' if you want to call it that, than I. These people 'guide' me. They pass on their personal knowledge. I take what feels right and leave the rest. But do not pre-judge someone because of their age. Some people that I discuss things with, are very often younger than me, but this most certainly is not their first time round, and they have a much more indepth understanding/communication with the higher planes. But they would never judge me or criticise me for any of my actions or lack of action. These are the kind of people you need in development.

Love and light


Sophia said...

Hi Lisa,

In over four years I have never had negative comments until I butted heads with this guy. I had thought about comment moderation but a few times the visitors to this blog have had discussions between themselves and I don't want to slow down the communication line that exists here.

I guess I really do know what you mean aboug age. I had just decided to bash young teachers because of my bad experience. Maybe it was a form of rebellion or revenge. After all, I'd want everyone to take me seriously at my age of 30.

Have a good weekend, my new friend. I've visited your blog again an hour or so ago and I really enjoy the posts you've made. I will put you on my blogroll; thank you for putting me on yours. :)