Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Dream Date September 23, 2008

I had stitches on the outside of my little finger. They were somehow pulled out partially, so I went to the urgent care center or emergency room to see about getting the stitches fixed. Apparently, the place I went to also dealt with mentally ill patients, so the waiting room was entirely full of mentally ill people sitting around waiting to get mental status examinations. They were there before me but I didn't want to have to wait because I thought my issue would take a quick fix and should get done prior to them giving lengthy examinations which would make my wait quite long. There was a doctor sitting on a chair in the waiting room; I think he was there to "baby sit" or something. I asked him, "Do I have to wait for all these people just to get my stitches fixed?" He said, "Yes."

This seems to me to be a lesson in patience (patients). I shouldn't expect immediate results (immediate enlightenment).


Siegfried said...

Stop thinking and be enlightened.
-- God

Sophia said...

I find this useful for meditation, but not during my usual activities. Instead, I engage in contemplation.

Lisa said...

You are right, patience is the key. Many would say that the doctor in your dream was one of your guides. They were telling you that you cannot rush your development. It will happen when you are ready - not before.