Thursday, September 11, 2008

Dream Date September 9, 2008

At one point in the dream I became lucid, not really enough to control the events of the dream, but to know that I was dreaming. There was a large group of people doing a sort of ritualistic dance with singing, and in particular I was watching a decoratively dressed black woman, who had some type of headdress on. I made a note of how real they looked; they looked even more real than what's seen in waking life.

I don't know if it's the same dream or not, but I was riding as a passenger in a topless vehicle, maybe it was a convertible. It was dark outside, and snowing; the ground and everything was covered in snow. Ahead of us was a large building, perhaps a mansion of Victorian architecture. I pointed at it with my finger and said, "Light!", and suddenly the mansion and everything around us lit-up. The mansion lit-up as if there were golden Christmas lights hanging on it.

Next, we were driving around, in this snowy environment, and there were wolves everywhere. They looked sinister, some of them were back on their haunches as if they were preparing to attack us. The driver hit some of them with the car to keep them from attacking, but there were so many that he/she couldn't hit them all, so I pointed at each of them with my finger and said, "Banish!" As the word was spoken, each one would just disappear into thin air.

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