Sunday, September 28, 2008

Life Has a Flavor; Notice It

When you eat a banana split, do you just perform the action of eating a banana split, such as, take spoon, scoop up ice cream and piece of banana, stick in mouth, chew, swallow, or do you really TASTE the banana split?

I've just noticed how easy it is to eat food as if it were just an automatic daily ritual, without remembering to taste it. It seems more worthwhile to taste it, to enjoy it.

I'm sure this applies to life, too, not just a banana split. I want to use more of my senses more often, instead of living as a biological creature. Not just taste, touch, smell, sight, sound... but more.


Siegfried said...

This applies to sex too.

Religion fucked everything up.

paul v said...

we have had so many similar talks and discussion, ie my wife and i.


Sophia said...

Hi Siegfried,

I think some religions strive to do good things. The problem is when bad things are done in the name of it.

Sophia said...

Hi Paul,

You know what they say? "Great minds think alike!" hehehe :)